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    Digestive problems in Jack Russell (Parson) terriors

    Our 12-year-old JR has always had a weak stomach. Even as a puppy he woke up at night constantly swallowing what seemed to be an overabundance of saliva. He would vomit occassionally, but not more than usual, we thought. At about the age of 8 we realized he is allergic to poultry and poultry byproducts. We changed his food to a commercial lamb and rice product. Recently, the poor little guy has started to vomit almost daily. Of course, we have discussed this with his vet, who recommended we give him a Pepcid AC each day. I don't know how much this is helping, if at all. An employee at Pet Smart suggested, because his breath is so bad, that he was probably not digesting his food, and we changed his diet again. We did it gradually, and he seems to have adjusted to it. While his breath seems to be somewhat better, he is still vomiting, almost daily. Has anyone experienced similar long term problems of this nature? Dodger weighs only about 11 pounds and suffers a great deal - just like humans do- when he is sick. Thanks

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    I would try switching him TOTALLY to white rice and chopped meat for a few weeks. When my dog was very ill I would make a huge batch of it once a week and then stick it in the refrigerator. Briown the chopped meat of course and mix in with the rice.

    If this stops his stomach problems you KNOW it is diet (this is VERY bland and there is nothing that should bother him). If it does NOT stop it, you know to look elsewhere for his problem.

    Keep us posted.

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    Thanks for the response. Dodger has been on the chopped meat (91% lean ground beef) and rice for two days without any digestive upset. I've given him 1/2 cup in the morning and another 1/2 cup early evening and he loves it. How long can I keep him on this diet? Do I need to add vitamins to his daily intake? We have never restricted his access to food, and we think that might be part of the problem. He has such a small stomach and on some days, he seems to eat nonstop. So, the new diet coupled with the regulated feedings might just do the trick. I do wonder how long he can stay on it. Thanks ever so much.

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    Kathy, I am not sure. I'm really sorry but I don't know how long they can stay on this - with my dog it was because she was extremely sick, and dying and we knew it would not be long for her. Why not call the vet and see? I would think that the chopped meat would add a lot of the needed protein although white rice has almost nothing worth substnace other than acting as filling ... I do not think the vet would have a problem giving you phone advice on this. I know that is the first thing they switch dogs to and it sure does tell you a lot about your dogs condition - since you have ruled out almost every allergy they could be having. Pet food is notoriously - BAD for our pets. You might also look into a food called Solid Gold.

    THAT you could leave your dog on forever - it is SUPER good for them but I admit my dogs did not love the taste as much as their other food...but it was the only other thing besides chopped meat and rice that my one dog could handle.

    Please keep us posted.




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