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    has anyone used a grazing muzzle?

    Has anyone had luck or failure with a grazing muzzle. Both of my horses (Paso and Quarter horse) are fat and my pasture is very rich. Too much pasture and not enough critters to consume. I never even fertilize it!!
    My Paso has a crested neck from foundering years ago (now his hooves are hard as nails and we ride barefoot) and we cannot get the weight off of either of them. Our vet recommended grazing muzzles or cut pasture time. When I cut the pasture time last summer, they ate tree bark and mud/dirt to make up for the lack of grass. So then I deal with other detrimental issues?! UGH!!
    My hubby talked to some horse owners about it and they said not to use a muzzle. They also thought it had wires in it. It is made of nylon with padding and break away features on the muzzle and halter. I would NEVER put my horses in danger. But being obese can lead to founder and laminitis. Less chance of colic, too, when restricted from grass/green onions, etc. in the pasture!! :roll:

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    I have not used a grazing muzzle for my horses, but I do know of several other people who have used them sucessfully for many years. They had the same problems as you. and they needed to do some thing. I havn't heard many bad things about their horses having a grazzing muzzle on.

    Hope that helped some

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    I have never used them either, but my vet has recommended them to a friend of mine. Shrug. I don't know. I would assume they wouldn't recommend it if it was a real danger. Why not buy one and inspect it yourself to see what you think? They must sell them with breakaway leather, too I would think so maybe you can look for that style, which would be safer?

    Keep us posted!!



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