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    Ever had a "faulty" box of K9 Advantix?

    I know a lot of you use Frontline but I'm wondering if anyone's ever purchased a "faulty" box of K9 Advantix?

    I prefer buying this stuff because I have a lot of trees around my house and ticks are bad so since Frontline doesn't cover ticks I go with the Advantix. Anyway. I've always bought this stuff and always had great luck with it but the most recent box I bought doesn't seem to be helping at all. Both of my dogs still have fleas so bad they are scratching hair off. One of my dogs her tail has a bald spot from biting at it.

    They already take a garlic capsule every day and get the Advantix like clock-work. So I guess three questions........

    Is it possible to build up some kind of immunity to the stuff? My oldest female has been on it monthly (with the exception of Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb when it's cold) for the last 2 years. The other female, who seems to have fleas the worst, has probably never been on any kind of flea control meds in her entire life until now (she's probably 3 or 4 years old now).

    So taking into consideration it's not an immunity, at least not for the 2nd dog, is it possible this is a "faulty" box?

    And should I buy a different box of the same stuff or switch to something else?

    (PS I don't see an expiration date on the box, anyone else know if there is one?)

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    I use Frontline.. but I do know that Frontline can expire so I would assume Advanitix is the same.

    Is the house infested? You could try bombing your house and spraying your yard. Of course you would have to leave your house for 24hrs. But it's worked well for me in the past when fleas got really bad.
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    I don't believe the house is infested but I plan on bombing it anyway.

    But isn't one of the "good things" about Advantix supposed to be that all you treat is the dog and he/she "takes care of" treating their bedding, the carpet, the yard, etc, etc, etc? It says on the box that once the dog is treated, wherever it goes the fleas still die. The box says, "all flea/larvae stages in the dogs surroundings are killed once in contact with a K9 Advantix dog". So according to the box, the house shouldn't be infested and I shouldn't have to do anything extra anyway.

    I don't know. I know the fleas are horrid this year compared to the rest but come on! For the price of this stuff I shouldn't have such a horrible flea problem.

    Anyway........where does it say an expiration date on the Frontline box? I think I'm gonna call them and ask, it can't hurt.

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    i would call the advice line on the bax and ask them. they may well have another product that works in line with the one you have like frontline duo.
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    Yeah, I called a little while ago but they are only open Mon-Fri 9 to 5 so I'll have to wait til Monday.


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    Frontline does handle ticks. What do you mean that Frontline doesn't handle ticks? I think it works GREAT with ticks.....

    I did recently switch to advantix, because that is what the vet gave me this time but I;ve always used Frontline with tremendous success. It works on fleas for three months and ticks for one (so you do have to put it on every month).

    Just an FYI though that this has been the WORST year I have EVER seen for ticks. It is amazing. We can't go out without coming home covered with them. Humans, dogs AND horses. With the dogs, the Advantix and Frontline will NOT keep ticks from getting on your dog. It just kills them within 24 hours of the dog being bitten. So you'll find dead ticks the next day in their bed.

    It doesn't mean you won't find them on your dog, however.

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    I'll have to do some more research on the two products.

    I was told Frontline Plus only kills adult fleas on the dog whereas Advantix kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks and and repels against fleas, ticks and mosqitos and it would also kill any fleas or larvae stages in the dog's surroundings. My vet suggested Advantix because of the wooded area I live in and all the camping we do. He said the Advantix would be better because of the amount of ticks and mosqitoes around my house and Frontline Plus doesn't over protection against those.

    How about this (new) Revolution? I heard it does all of the above like Advantix, lasts longer and also works as a heartworm prevantive. Anyone use it?

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    i thought to start with that us frontline must be different to uk frontline. frontline works on fleas at all life stages and ticks. i have never used frontline duo only the frontline spray but because of the amount of dogs coming through i mainly have hard flooring but still vaccy everyday and touch wood i've never had an infestation as frontline has dealt with everything swiftly.
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    Okay, I called Bayer this morning (finally got through) and this is what she told me.

    She said that there are other "companies" making and selling this stuff and passing it along as being genuine Advantix. So the box I bought was not "faulty" by Bayer but actually a counterfeite box of it.

    She said that these companies are catching onto the way it "should be" but a few things to look for are:

    Advantix does not have an expiration date so NEVER buy Advantix if the box has a date for expiration.

    Advantix has a warning label on the box for cats, that it should not be used on cats or kittens of ANY age even if they fall in the same weight category as the K9 Advantix says is fit for dogs of that weight/age of dog (she said this is the one they are catching on to the fastest so it's hard to tell if the box is genuine or not).

    Advantix also puts a warning lable directly on each vial. She said it should be on the vial so you have to tear the label in order to take the cap off. The label will warn against improper use and not to use on cats.

    She also said the counterfeit boxes of Advantix will usually have one empty vial in them; for some reason or other (she seemed to think it was because people would be calling Bayer complaining about it and it isn't really Bayer's fault to begin with).

    She said advantix is also purchased by the vets who sell it and sold for a small profit (usually $5 to $10). She said the vets also don't purchase the stuff in "bulk" so they don't get any kind of discount or deal if they buy so much. So if you pay less than $55 for a 4 month supply, chances are high you are buying a counterfeite box of it.

    She said it is only purchasable through a licensed vet. So if you can buy it anywhere else, it's not the real stuff. EXCEPT for this 1-800PetMeds website. They DO sell the "real stuff".

    If you think you've purchased a counterfeite box of Advantix, you're supposed to call the company you bought it at and request a refund. If they refuse or want more information, they should call the Bayer Customer Service number on the back of the box (which is correct even for counterfeit boxes) and ask to speak with Julie.

    Hope this helps anyone else!!!

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    wow ppl will cash in on anything :( goodluck with killing the hitchhikers off with the real product :)
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)



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