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    Goldie's pups aren't doing so good.

    Well, Goldie's pups are 16 days old today. Two of them have already died.

    I am bottle feeding all but 3 of them. One that I wasn't bottle feeding was the biggest of the litter. He is more than double the size of the rest of them. He walks. His eyes are open. He died last night.

    I pulled them all out of the crate last night, as I do every night. Most of them are probably only 6 ounces, very limp still. And none of the rest of the litter have open eyes. One looks like he tries to walk but his back legs don't support his body.

    I called AC the other day when the first one died but they never called me back. I called yesterday, no call. Called this morning, I'm sure I'll get no call. They'll probably tell me "oh well" (in the sense that there are enough dogs in this world so what's one less). That's their motto anyway. But the fact is, I can't do this. I have babies (almost 2, 5 and 6) and seeing dead puppies is not something I want around them. Sure, maybe this is just some fluke gene in their body that's causing it. But I don't want to have to keep barrying puppies because of it. And frankely, I don't have the money to have the remaining 9 tested for anything.

    They aren't being squished by the mother, I'm certain of that. It's possible they are being underfed because they cry NON stop! The only time they stop crying is after they receive a bottle, though they don't drink a whole lot (other than Junior, they drink maybe an ounce). It's not too hot or too cold where they are being kept--it's a good temperature in here and there is a fan in front of the crate so it's comfortable inside too.

    I don't know what to do. They are SOOO tiny still and they cry all the time!!

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    i'm so sorry for you. a litter of pups on their own is work enough but you have two litters and all your others needing you too.

    i wish i knew how to make it easier but all i can give you is what i do - keep plugging away and it will come good :) i'm sorry i know its not much and if you were near i would have been there every day (til you kicked me out lol) to help.

    i went to your web site to try to find an address i could send a gift to - sappy i know :lol:

    how is goldie doing? is her diet supplimented enough? i think thats where i would look at this stage. after everything she has been through already she is going to be low right now too and like you she is probably nearing exhaustion.

    have hope hon i will be thinking of you xxx
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    Well, typically for my dogs, she's not big on dog food. Most of the dogs I get prefer table scraps--but that's probably because of the area I live in (big animal "HATRED" here--one guy got a warning for having a 12 week old puppy tied to a high porch with a shoe string. The fear was the puppy would fall off the porch and strangle himself on the shoe string being used a collar/leash. The guy pulled a gun on the ACO claiming it was HIS dog and no one would tell him how to take care of HIS dog). So that's the way it is here. Most dogs only get table scraps. Many (like my neighbors dogs) get water only when they get fed (once every other day).

    Anyway. So she's not big on dog food. AC said to feed her the cheap crap from the Dollar General (3 bucks for a 20 lb bag if that defines cheap any better). Not even meat by-products in this food. They brought a bag with her and are wondering why, after 3 weeks, it's still not been open. I'm sorry, but I refuse to feed it to her. Currently they are all eating Pro-Plan but I'm thinking about changing it again. Beef used to be the top ingredient but now it's ground yellow corn, then chix by-products, water for processing and then beef and beef by-products. There's got to be something better in this town to feed my dogs. My options are K-mart, Walmart and PetSmart if you guys have suggestions (and of course local grocery stores).

    She does eat though. Not a lot of the kibble but I offer big cans of wet food. The main ingredient is water for processing but then it's beef and chicken. Not great, but better than "Tommy Boy" CRAP AC wants me to feed her. Yuck.

    I'm sure one of the pups will pass by morning. He's TINY TINY TINY and next to nothing to him. Maybe I'll pull him out and try to dropper feed him. He did lap up a little bit from a dish, but not a whole lot. I suppose if I could get him to lap up even a little bit every hour it's better than nothing. At least I've tried.

    I'm just exhausted. Yeah, I know she is too. It's SOO hot, even in the air conditioning (it's 101 right now and only 2:00).

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    My question s what are you feeding them. Is it a puppy formula suppliment or is it just straight milk. Are you bottle feeding, if so are they taking to the bottle, have you tried wrapping it in something soft and furry so it feels like mom to get them more willing to feed. Also are they showing any other signs or symptoms, like runny noses, runny eyes, cough, anything like that?
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    They are drinking a puppy supplement formula. I'll have to ask what it is. They sent over a big tupperware container of it with hand-written directions on mixing. Some take the bottle and some don't. The ones that wouldn't take the bottle were willing to lap it up though. It's the bigger boys that will lap it up--they wobble walk and have their eyes open.

    No, no runny noses, no runny eyes, no caughing. The one that died first seemed like it had the hiccups all the time. But otherwise, nothing wrong with him.

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    A friend of mine sent me this;

    10 oz. of canned evaporated milk or goat's milk
    never cow's milk
    3 oz. sterilized water (baby water or boiled water) this is not needed if using goats milk
    1 raw egg yolk
    1 tablespoons regular mayonnaise (optional)
    1 cup of whole yogurt (avoid skim or fat free) I use organic stuff from the health food section of the store
    1/2 Tsp Karo Syrup or Corn Syrup, but the white/clear corn syrup, not dark
    blend it all in a blender on LOW...less bubbles the better, or you can whisk it by hand, keep it cool and it's good for up to 7 days
    warm it up to feed like a baby's bottle
    it comes out thick, so you usually have to make the holes in the nipple bigger

    She thinks that perhaps what they are getting is not nutrisious enough, and they will need to have feeding often if mom isn't feeding them. Unfortunatly growing pups need lots of food. Then just feed them until they are full. Hope that helps.

    She thinks perhaps they are suffering from hypoglycemia...muscle twitches and spasms could seem like hiccups. You should probably try to put a drop of clear corn syrup on the pup's tongue, it seems to help, but a hypoglycemic pup is not getting enough from nursing, and again needs to be supplemented be sure not to substitute honey for the corn syrup, that's unpasteurized and could make them very sick. But this is all only by our own experiances and by no means should be taken over a vets recommendations.

    Oh and believe it or not burp them after feeding.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Why not take them to the vet?

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    I'll give that recipe a shot. I've been checking on them religiously today and offering formula. Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of spasms too. I've never seen such "jumpy" puppies before. One last night when I was watching them almost looked like he was having a minor seizure (sp?), he just twitched and twitched. But he calmed himself down and made it through the night.

    Kerry.....I can't take them to the vet because they aren't my dogs. I have to have permission from Animal Control, which I don't. Otherwise, I can pay for the visit out of my own pocket (which is $30 per dog, there are 9 surviving pups and the mother). Plus I have to pay for all the blood/lab work and I'd have to pay for the medication. But I can't give them the medication without permission from Animal Control--which I don't have and can't get. Pretty sad, huh?

    I'm wondering what's the point of my fostering if they don't really care if they live or die anyway?

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    thats the worst part of fostering- having to wait for permission to treat.

    i was thinking maybe their dietary needs are not being met i think pups are just like our babies in that some are hungrier than others.

    see if goldies diet can be supplimented which in turn will help boost the pups.
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    I don't know what's going on. I just left a message with the police chief and said he needs to get ACO out here and get this dog cause I can't do it.

    Another dead puppy this morning and she was FINE when I went to bed. There was nothing wrong with her and I did not have a single concern with her ever since she was born. This makes no sense to me.



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