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Thread: Testing dirt?

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    Testing dirt?

    Who would you call if you wanted to have dirt in your yard tested for anything?

    I can't seem to get any flowers or grass to grow. My dogs are getting hot spots out of control that antihistimes don't control. Our Mal got a new one so we brought her in the house and only let her go out to pee. But if she layed down in the dirt, she ended up with a new one. I've got dogs all over the place so they aren't all together. The only thing they have in common is the dirt they lay in.

    They just all have bald spots in some spot or another. It's not flaky, no open sores, doesn't seem to bother them (like being itchy). There's nothing appearing with it other than a bald spot, which is exactly what my vet said it was when I took the puppy in. But it didn't occur to me until today that it could be something in my dirt causing the bald spots.

    Suggestions? Ideas?

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    Try the place you would go to get building permits, they may know someone, around here you contact the hospital for water testing, not sure about soil. Or try your local Agricultural School, they do those types of tests all the time and normally at a great fee, what with students preforming the tests.
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    ask your neighbours too, see if their dogs are getting them.
    if not then i was thinking this

    is it a really big yard?? the only thing coming to my mind is ammonia. if your yard is small and with a lot of dogs the piddle gets soaked in and just 'stays'

    there was a man who lived behind me who was actually puppy farming with two storeys of kennels in his garden. in the end all the piddle had no where to go and the ammonia just stayed in the soil.

    the man was evicted but all his garden needed to be dug up and the further down they dug the more it stank. not suggesting your lawn is like this mans its just a thought and i wanted to show where the thought came from.
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    I Live Near The Beach

    and we dont have great soil for growing things here. I have had the soil tested several times as I amend with topsoil and mulch. Check out your department of agriculture. We have a free service through our department of ag and they supply small sample buckets and instructions. It takes about 10 days but has helped me to add the correct stuff for what I am attempting to grow.


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    Smiffy--toss any ideas up in the air that you have cause I'm at a complete loss at this point!!! So what'd they do about the guys soil then? Yes, my neighbors have the same problems too. And the lady across the street has lived here since she was a child and doesn't ever remember hot or bald spots. And we didn't have these problems last year.

    Mark--thanks for the idea of Dept of Ag, I'll look for the number near me. I also thought about calling our local Environmental and Hazzmat team and asking them; I don't know?

    What about heat rashes?? Do dogs get heat rashes? It has been considerably warmer here lately than usual.

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