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    Cat walking in circles...

    I have a question that is a little tricky, I understand there's no
    'right' or 'wrong' answer, I just want a little feedback and see if anyone
    has experienced something like this and how they dealt with it.. :?:

    I volunteer at a shelter where we have a cat that is neurologically
    challenged ... she spends most of the day walking in a tight circle. She
    has moments of 'lucidity' and can be pet and have her ear scratched on
    occasion, but then she fades off and cannot be handled at all. She's
    quite beautiful and very loving and sweet... she just has 'spells'. Her
    name is Sabrina.

    I'm not sure what's wrong with her - I've heard everything from 'ear
    infection' to 'hit by car' to 'born that way'. she may even have Feline
    Vestibular Syndrome... she's been there for YEARS. (she's about 5 years

    My question - she's in a regular square cage right now. Because she is
    prone to walking in circles, she knocks against the water and the food.
    If I made a circular cage would that help her? I'm not sure if she has
    spacecial vision issues.. .anyone have experience with someone like
    this, or know where I can get info? She has to remain sequestered for her
    own and other cat's and peoples protection, but I do want her to be

    Thanks! :)

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    Hi Irene, you might want to contact Best Friends. -
    I know they have cats with neurological problems. I have a friend that worked there for a long time, I will see if he can stop by and help, but I hope you will visit their site and ask there too!

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    re: Cat walking in circles

    Hi Irene,
    I worked at Best Friends for a few years, but I don't recall ever seeing a cat that walked in tight circles. We did have cats with neurological problems who couldn't walk straight, however. Whenever possible, we gave them free run of the room. We also learned that what seems like a permanent problem isn't always permament. Timmy, a very friendly back cat who sort of zig-zagged across the room to greet you, eventually learned to walk an almost straight line! He was able to go home with some wonderful people who made sure things would be safe for him to bump into. :)

    I think a circular cage wouldn't make a lot of difference since the bowls would still have to be in there somewhere. Chances are she would still knock into them. It also might reinforce her circular pattern. If there's any way at all for her to be in a larger space where she might break the pattern, that would be ideal. If she's too unpredictable for that, I'd suggest building her a cage as large as possible, with a recessed area where her food and water bowls could be placed -- sort of an alcove that would be out of her walking path.

    Bless you for volunteering at your shelter. People who show such concern mean so much to the animals who are waiting to find their home. Keep up the good work!

    Don Bruce



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