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    Best lining for crate for puppies?

    What do you guys suggest using as a lining in a crate for 4 week old puppies (who are all eating solids and growing big ole bellys btw). hehe

    I've been using newspaper but it's just not working real well. I'm having to clean the crate every two hours just to keep the smell down.

    I want something that'll maybe help keep the puppies cleaner and dryer (they're still at the walking in the water dish stage) but also something to help minimize the smell; at least over night so it's not "knock you dead" in the morning. Something that will last at least one day or two changes per day. I don't want to use blankets or towels because of fleas and how it'll help harbor germs.

    Someone suggested using cedar shavings (like for hamster cage) but would this be a good idea? At 4 weeks old, I'm afraid they may try to chew on some of the pieces and I don't want them to injest it.


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    your post made me smile, i love puppies in the house.

    for my crates i just use layers of fleece blankets. those too minging can be binned but they are easy to wash and dry very quick.
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    hehe Glad I could make you smile Smiffy! Dogs should be inside the house, regardless of what kind, what size or what you got it for. I just think it's safer, it's cleaner (at least in my house) and you're bound to have a better protector.

    Besides........these guys are so little they're easily stolen, I take in BIG dogs so my fence is not equipped to handle little dogs and they could slip through the fence and get lost and that wouldn't be good, they could become a toy to a neighborhood cat or dog, food to a prowling owl. And not to mention, it's 100 degrees outside! Even at 2 this morning it was still 84 degrees. And that's just too darn hot for a puppy.

    Anyway. We're gonna start looking for homes this week. They have eaten only solids for 4 days and are lapping up water perfectly. It's funny though--when they are hungry and I walk by it's the same cry they use to do when Momma Dog would walk by them. hehe I've become the new Momma Dog!!!! LOL

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    oh yeah your right about the house, all my own dogs plus my guests are in the house. i'm sorry your chocablock right now with 16 waggy tails!! an expensive cooling system lol

    you must be knackered after every day. i hope when all your tiny tails are happy in a home things will calm down a little for you. i know its wishful thinking as the summer dump off is coming up, i'm getting all ready for it.

    got in some more bedding and extra leads/collars and kongs, shouldnt have to think this way but you know its coming - i even had a rabbit during one years summer dump off! cute little buck who made himself very much at home in a dog crate!!

    good luck in the pups new homes :)
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    hehe We got chickens in once. LOL OMG that was interesting! They were newly hatched, just babies, and the shelter brought three of them to me in a big square laundry basket!!! We ended up getting a small wire crate for them and I found them a home just in time too cause they outgrew the crate really quick. I'll have to see if I still have was SOOO funny!

    We did get a rabbit two summers ago. We went to the shelter to look at their "death row" dogs cause we had room for a couple dogs and saw this rabbit. LMAO They had it in general pop with the CATS!!! With a dish of water and a dish of cat food cause they weren't sure what to do with it. We were raising rabbits at the time so we took him. He ended up a kindergarten class pet to help teach the kids about the importance of animal care. The teacher said every class has a hamster or gerbil so she had to be different. So he's getting all the spoiled he can get!!

    Summer drop off started early here. Animal Control called me this morning at the butt crack of dawn. I guess some volunteers went in for cleaning and feeding and there was a BIG FAT dog tied to the door. They try really hard not to have puppies born at the shelter but all their foster homes said no more so she called me and I kinda sighed an "oh god not another one" and said sure bring her over.

    Fortunetly the majority of what we have are puppies so they'll go quick and this one and her pups aren't mine so when the time comes they'll go quick too. The Blue Tick Coon Hound is going to a Hound rescue on Tuesday. I've never "given" him a dog before but I've helped him clean up the pens and do some transports so I know him and what she's going into. He will train her and find her a home (though the 5 seconds he was here with her Friday he fell head over heals in love with her and was kinda angry he couldn't take her home then). hehe The Arctic White Wolf is going to a private Wolf-dog rescue here in my town next weekend (we're just waiting on her incision to heal up a bit more before going in with other puppies like her and risk her being injured playing). The one that I posted about in general canine about being so sick and aggressive is either going back to his owners or to the shelter by the weekend. The owners still won't answer so I left a message, mailed a letter and had one delivered that if they don't find something to do with him by Thursday, he was going to the shelter Friday. I can't keep him with how aggressive he is; he injured the puppy I posted pics of (the skin and bones one). And it wasn't like I had them together, he actually leaped a fence and then leaped into his kennel to get to him. And I can't have that and won't be responsible for him if he injurs a human (like a child). And Momma Dog is getting slower and slower each day so I don't know how much longer she'll live. It's so sad....I'm really gonna miss her.

    But hopefully by this time next weekend, it'll be calmer around here.

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    This place used to advertise with AnimalForum:

    Sounds pretty good!..but I have not used them.

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    how about disposable baby chaning sheets or childrens bedwetting sheets!



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