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    my cat is walking funny - advice

    Hi, i have a cat, 15 years old and bout 4 / 5 weeks ago, he hurt his front right paw when jumping off a bed on to the ground. we took him to the vet as he was very tender. they gave him antibiotics and told us to keep an eye on it. we took him back due to their request and he was given more and told he would be ok.

    He still is walking funny, not putting any preasure on the paw atall, but it does not seem to be sore. what could be wrong? i dont want to take him out to the vet if i can help it, due to the fact he hates going out, and i fear the stress of going out could kill him - and i dont know wha ti would do without my cat.

    He is at the moment, purring away, lying on the floor - it is hot however.

    Also, can sombody give me tips on how to check the cat is healthy? before it was easy as he was running about the place like linford christy but now he is just resting alot - with it being hot i can understand.


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    I'm sorry to hear your poor little kitty injured himself and is still hurting.

    Does he let you touch his paw? I'm wondering if maybe somehow in the fall he didn't pinch a nurve or something along those lines. If he did this, it certainly may not hurt anymore and on the same note he may not be able to feel that the paw is there and that is why he's not putting any weight on it. If your vet is aware of your cat's behavior with the limb, it concerns me that he insists everything is fine.

    At 15 years old, that is VERY old for a cat. It's possible he may have some arthritus pain too. Different temperatures effect different animals, as it does in humans. My arthritis acts up more with cooler, rainy days versus my husband who has a harder time when the heat is more intense. This may also be the reason he's not putting any pressure on his paw. As with humans (or at least me), when my wrists hurt (from the arthritis) actually touching them is pain-free. But putting any pressure on them (such as "walking" on my hands or lifting heavy items or bending in certain ways) does hurt. So your touching the paw may not hurt but the pressure of his own body weight may cause discomfort. Does that make sense?

    There are a variety of athritis medications available for pets these days. You may want to talk with your vet about which would be best for your little guy. At his age, a pain killer might not be such a bad idea.

    You may also want to double check his paw and make sure there's nothing stuck in it--such as a sliver, cat litter, a rock carried in from someones shoe, etc, etc, etc. These things can be painful to walk on but not as bad, if at all, when you touch his paw.

    If still in doubt, perhaps make an appointment with another vet in your area. Visit fees usually run the same price and a lot of vets see patients only once or twice so you don't need to worry about having to have a long-term relationship when going for a second opinion.

    Good luck and keep me posted!!!

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    May 2006
    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
    not been on here to post but i did read and i did wonderif this was the cause. he went to the vet and was given anti biotics. the vet said he was very healthy and looked brililant for his age.

    but today, he fell of the bed and broke his leg. the vet then went on to say that she can see (not with xray, just with feeling) that there is a cancerous tumour in his leg and she said the kindest thing would be to put him down.

    Personally, i am a bit taken a back at this - due to the fact he was at the vet only a few weeks previous - and the vet at this moment in time said he was very healthy and in good condition but is now saying this?!

    anyway - we had to get him put to sleep, so at the momet, i really am at a loss. dont know what to do, if i shoudl wait and get another or get one now.

    feel like i could cry

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    I am so sorry for your loss. Sounds like your cat may have had osteosarcoma. Only you can really make the decision when to get another et might be the right one. Personally I think it hurts MORE to have that empty bowl, empty bed and no one there. I grieve more when ther are NO animals in m,y life, so I like to always have one...I think it helps to get you through, but really you are the only one that can know when the time is right.

    Just remember you are NOT replacing your other pet. You are fillinga void in your heart with something else that needs your love. You can never replace a beloved pet.



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