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Thread: Head Trama :(

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    Head Trama :(

    :cry: my little dog who is about 7 pounds got hit by a door and had a concussion and was out of it for about 2 min which was the time it took us to get her to the vet. She is a chinese Hairless Creston and she got his 5 days ago and has been getting better and better ever since.. i got the dog back today and her equilbrium is off which makes be very sad.. and i have been crying all day seeing her like this. She cant stand up or obvoiusly walk and i just wanted to know what would be the greatest way so she can heal up.. the doctor said that over a months time she might heal up but sometimes dogs just stop progressing and stay that way for the rest of their lives.. im praying that she will get better and would appreciate if you could pray too... Should i let the dog rest alot or should i give her attention and let her sleep on my lap and be with me.. or should i try to teach her to stand up and try to walk.. im very confuesed,, u should go ask the vet but would also like some advice from you.. thank you
    BTW. she is only about a year old, ive been crying my head off.. still doing it right now becuase she has been my campsion since a pup.. even trying to protect me at my brothers.. i cant look at her without crying. i dont know what to do

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    Many times, these sorts of things will heal with time. Leave her be, let her rest. She may have swelling in the brain and encouraging her to move around is not going to help. If this just happened a few days ago, give her at least a few weeks to a month to recover, then talk to your vet again about possible treatment to help her.

    Keep us posted.

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    We took her to a doctor that speicialises in pet brains, she told us that she has damage in her brain and that she would not be able to walk anymore, which then i would have to put her down becuase a dog cant live a life without walking. I have much hope and yesterday she started standing up on all 4 legs, a little off bananced but a very good improvement, and today.. she started walked on all 4 lets, not dragging on her body.. but walked like 10 feet. she was leaning to the side a little (like a new born horse), but she was definently walking.. we have made her a new room in my closet, putting in some old carpet and making a barrier so she cant get out.. this is due to me having a tile floored room, and my walk in closet is a good place for her to be when im or anybody else that takes care of her is around. I have alot of hope. and im so proud that she is able to walk like this.. Hopefully she will balance her body out and get even better at walking..

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    Here are just pictures id like to share

    These are after she got injured.

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    You must love your little dog very much.
    How is she doing?
    Is she a Chinese Crested?
    She is adorable....
    I hope so much that she will heal with time.
    Please keep us posted.

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    Yes.. i love her very much and she is a chinese Crested (hairless). She has been doing better everyday.. she sleeps with me in my bed and she has a little ramp so she wont her hurtself on the way up and down.. she eats walks on marble and is getting alot better. She has been seeing an acupuncure doctor and he said that she is running at around 20 percent that that he will probably get up up to 80 - 90 percent.. He is the kindove doctor that does acupuncture, eletricity and all these other weird stuff.. but ive heard this doctor has healed great things in the past on humans (he's really a human doctor but we got connections so hes helping with my puppy) il keep you updated throughout the month on her recovery

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    Sounds like you are doing everything possible to help her!

    Head injuries are very slow to heal so just be patient. You may be surprised at the progress she can make.

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    yeah, they are very slow.. im waiting, but still doing everything possible to help her.



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