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    Yes dogs can get eczema (think i spelled that right). There's usually oils that are added to the food (tea leaf?), and to the irrated spots. I don't remember the exact stuff I'd have to look it up...and it doesn't usually take very long to go away, nor is it contagious.

    As for double dosing...I've done it, and I've given smaller dogs the doses for the larger dogs - since it's based on weight. Double dosing on anything can be bad (this would probably just develop a real nasty rash like last time), and don't ever double dose an actual medication. I would just be very careful with the little guy...based on how many reactions he's had to everything. How has he reacted since the last time you applied it? I know you said he had some problems before with advantix. (go frontline! ha)

    If he has fleas, your probably going to see them if he's THAT infested with them. There's gotta be some other underlying cause (mites?)...that's skin level.

    Oatmeal baths for dogs aren't uncommon at all...I'd give it a shot. If anything, it'll feel good for a bit. :)
    The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?" ~Jeremy Bentham

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    I like your answers better than the vets so I'm just gonna come to you. LOL

    If I treat him for ecxema and that's not the problem, it's not going to hurt right?

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    Well, I'm going to pick up the stuff for excema today.....just some herbal "stuff" like the tea tree oil and a topical "cooling" spray. I spoke with the vet yesterday from another clinic and he said to try this before bringing him in, that even if he doesn't have ecxema the oils and sprays wouldn't hurt. Animal Control said they left a notice for the owners who called them Friday afternoon and by golly they called me yesterday--and go figure, it was one of the 3 hours in a week that I wasn't home!!! GRRR!!! But they left a nice message so I know they aren't angry (although, she had one of her young kids call). That's alright. I'm going to call them later, fingers crossed they answer the phone.

    As for DJ he's doing really well. I bought some wet canned food, not the best in quality, but he eats it. I'd rather he eat bad quality food than nothing at all. I'm going to hose him down again today, he seemed to really like that the other day.

    The eye drops and constant flushing have done really well on his eyes. Still a little milky but not as bad. He's been on the double dose of allergy meds now for a few days and not crying near as much when he scratches as he had been. He still isn't barking much, but he's still got the rasp in his lungs from the URI. Too bad there isn't a VIC's for dogs, LOL.

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    Sick Dog

    Am I reading your posts right? If so, I can't believe this dialogue.

    Veterinarians go to school to CURE sick animals, not to avoid them.

    Dogs can be anemic for reasons other than fleas - if you don't see them (and he has no hair) then he DOESN'T Have them.

    It sound like mange to me if he scratches constantly and bleeds and cries. Please do this dog a big favor and take him to a REAL vet who can scrape his skin and treat him for what he finds. Antibiotics don't cure mange but they will treat the secondary bacterial infection and probably the systemic infection he has.

    The 'goop' in his eyes (if he is not coughing and sneezing and having difficulty breathing) are NOT caused by an upper respiratory infection. It is caused by his debilitated and probably dehydrated condition.



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