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    MY TURTLE HAS CANCER!!...or something

    There are these two identical mounds on either side of my turtle, Dooney's head, can annnnybody tell me what that might be?

    Oh yeah, It's a red-eared slider.

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    Some breeds of turtles do have bumps on their heads. However not my area of experience...I'd definitely take Dooney to the vet...and if they think it's cancerous they can do a surgical biopsy or fine needle aspiration (FNA) for you. About the best I can offer...sorry, but I definitely wish you and Dooney the best of luck and prayer.
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    My turtle had the same thing but on one side.
    I took her to the vet, and she needed an operation.
    Is it hard?
    Animals always become best friends.

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    by the way, they are also Red Eared Sliders!
    Animals always become best friends.

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    Better seek medical attention before it's too late. It helps to be more cautious sometimes especially if it involves them- our beloved pets
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