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    Sick and worried

    My cute and loveable 12yr Blaze, who will be turing 13yrs old in April has just recently took a ride to the vet, due to losing her appetite and lost 5lbs in 3 months. To my surprise.. well maybe not really (I was hoping for the best, but knew it probably wouldn't get good news). I have to come find out that her liver enzyme level are really high. She had X-rays done and showed enlarged liver that is obstructing the stomach, to why she is not eating enough and losing weight. I have scheduled an appt w/ an Internist (Vet) for a consultation and for more test to be run, most likely and ultrasound or biopsy. I am very sad to think this might be it....that I will no longer have my companion and I am afraid. Does anyone know how common this is and has anyone gone through this and how have they coped with it. :( :cry: :?:

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    Nancy, I went through something similar with my dog. I must say that the prognosis is not usually all that great but my old girl weathered this pretty well and lasted many years more.

    How is your dog? Have you gotten the results back yet to all the tests?

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    Well, I got back from Internist today, the did and ultrasound and found a tumor :( . They did an aspiration of it and sending out to lab for results. The tumor is 7.3 cm big (quite large). They will be giving me results tomorrow afternoon and no later than Monday. At this point it's almost I am not waiting to hear something good, I am waiting to hear something bad.

    But you know what? Blaze is as loveable as every, cheerful and playful, like nothing is happening.... I soemtimes feel like I feel worst than she acts. We will see what I hear from the vet.

    I am glad to hear your dog did great. Hopefully it will happen to my Blaze.

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    My tobin has a tuor that took up almost her entire stomach cavity. The doctor gave her WEEKS to live. It was inoperable because he said that her organs were actually ENVELOPED in this huge tumor. She lived two more years and died at 14. She never slowed down in all that time. There is hope. The vets do not know EVERYTHING.

    Have hope and try to ENJOY your time with your dog, and not be sorrowful and unhappy before that time is nigh.

    Warm hugs...

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    Thank you to for you words of encouragement. I am glad to hear there might be hope. I got the results back and they are malignant, nothing much they can do. Just enjoy here while she is here! He is loveable as ever. She will be 13 in April. Praying she will hold up 'til then. If not, I atleast know I gave her a good life w/ our family.

    Thanks again,[/url]

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    Nancy, how is your dog doing?
    Tobin's was malignant too. The vet said that it was also very quick moving and that Tobin would die from her internal organs being squeezed by this fast growing tumor. Two years later we had to put her down because her legs went out and she could no longer stand. She was very old for her breed. They usualyl only live 8-10 years. She was 14 when we put her down. Two YEARS after they said she had a couple of weeks. I wish the same for your dog.
    That is Tobin in teh picture with me.
    I still miss her and it was just a year ago last week that she died. It's tough. Chin up and love the hell out of your dog while you have the time!

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    She is doing actually pretty good, like nothing is wrong in the world. She is still cheerful and energetic. Her appetite has been better, amazingly (is that a word?) oh well you know what I mean. I do hope my Blaze pulls through for a while, as long as I don't see her suffering. Thank you again on sharing your thoughts and kind words.

    Nancy :)



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