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Thread: Dog's tail

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    Dog's tail

    Guys, I need some of your opinions, why would some people cut their puppy's tail ? I think it's really cruel to do that, using rubber to slowly make the tail cut. is there any advantage of doing it ? maybe for health reason ?

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    well i belong to the anti-tail docking alliance and i dont think that tails should be docked just for how a dog would look just as i feel about ear cropping.
    ppl who do like to dock say that breeds like dobermann are more likely to split their tails, any dog could and its easy to heal just as we could stub our toe or bang an elbow.

    you should also know that it is against the law for anyone other than a vet to dock a dogs tail and that includes a breeder.

    ppl who say a tail needs to be docked for showing purposes are now also being silenced as the kc and akc now allow undocked traditional docked breeds to show. there are some judges who are not happy about it but tough.
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    I know!! Valentine's tail is not docked...I am soo happy for this!! personally, I think it looks better for rotties to have all of their tail with they can REALLY show you how happy they are to see you!!! :D
    I Love My Valentine Rottie!!!!

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    its an ungoing debate, and one that will soon unfortunatly come to an end when they out law the practice. I personally love the docked look. The reasomn they use to dock was to protect dogs from cattle strikes that could break the tail, such as in heelers where they would nip and cows heel then duck when the cow kicked, the dog's tail would often still be raised in the air and the strike would cause the tail to break. To avoid this painful injury the dogs were docked. Don't ask me why they do it to dobs, I have no idea, but rotties, heelers ect, they are working dogs, or were and were docked for that reason.

    Cropping and docking in pit dogs were done to protect the dogs from injuries such as torn ears while in the fighting pit, but where it is now illigal to fight dogs, as it should be, the need to crop, like the need to dock has died off. Many now continue the practice because it is the way the dogs have looked for years and the practice has been maintained.

    As for the practice being crule, I must disagree, all prceedurs are done before the puppy is two days old, and at the time nerves are not yet formed so the puppy does not feel it the way you may think he does, like circusizing (sp) and done by a professional your garenteed your puppy will come through the proceedur with flying colors. I will always prefer a docked rottie over a nondocked, but I also believe that any rottie that is being bred should have to have a working title just like im Germany so docking still makes sense to me.

    I think there are more important and bigger fights out there right now, like those against animal cruelty and petshops being allowed to care live animals, these need to be looked after before we start fighting each other on weather a dog should be docked or cropped.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Docking, if done at an early age, doesn't have to be painful. I normally don't think people should do it, but I do agree when farmers do. Farmers dock their dogs' tails to prevent it from getting caught on barbed wire fences, stuck in doors, or even an attraction to other animals. I guess it's a "work immobility"-type of thing for herding dogs. There's no need to do it for show, however. That is a bit trite. Unless there's medical reasons or something very useless or life-threatening reason, there's not much of a reason to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celtechfarms
    As for the practice being crule, I must disagree, all prceedurs are done before the puppy is two days old, and at the time nerves are not yet formed so the puppy does not feel it the way you may think he does, like circusizing (sp)
    Actually, I believe a recent study a couple years ago proved cicumsion was painful and a new anesthetic is being formed for new born boys so they can endure the pain-free surgery. If I remember corectly, there wasn't a question on if it was painful or not--it was if the child recognized it as painful. It's not that being circumsized doesn't hurt; it's that the baby doesn't understand what "pain" is.

    And it's the same with puppies. They have no reason at 2 days old to understand pain. The docking procedure is undoubtedly painful. The puppies are so young, however, that they quickly forget the pain and what happened.

    I am not for or against it, to be honest. I certainly wouldn't label it as being cruel but on the other hand I wouldn't say it's "just" or the right thing to do. It has it's pro's and con' does circumsizing a newborn.

    The biggest "issue" I think is just looks. Everyone wants to be "normal". They want to fit in with those around them. And they feel the same about their dogs.

    I mean......couldn't tattooing or microchiping be considered "cruel" too then? Dock the tail of a working dog cause it MIGHT get broken. Microchip a dog cause it MIGHT get lost someday. If we do these things and it never happens, have we been "cruel" for having inflicted the pain--regardless of how quick or minor it was?

    I guess you could justify it as peace of mind for the pet owner. I have a dog who was microchiped 6 years ago. Never once has he gotten loose, never once has the chip been scanned. But it's a peace in my mind that if he does ever get lost, it's there. Your dog may never get hurt while working with cattle, but for peace of mind, we dock its tail just's docked for the piece of mind.

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    Many veterinarians condemn the practice, and many wont do it at all. The puppies, even that young, have a fully developed nervous system and sense of pain. I don't think I'd call it "cruel" but it is painful, and our clinic does NOT support it. The reason I don't call it cruel, is that it's not intentional pain from the owners part and meant for the well being of the pups future (unless you do it for show...then you just suck)...but it's very much painful.
    The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?" ~Jeremy Bentham

    Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game. ~Paul Rodriguez

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    I do think that it is cruel.
    It is cruel because in addition the pain, which is definitely present, you also have the cruelty of removing what almost amounts to a limb on your dog - (it has bones, hair, muscles, etc and can move - it's practically a limb), you are also disfiguring your dog...yes it is disfiguring. You cut off your arm, or just a pinkie, wouldn't you call it disfigurement? Same with a dog, it is disfigureing and then add to those things one of the mos cruel things - forever you are stunting your dog in his ability to communicate with other dogs...and with you. Dogs use their tales to express all sorts of expessions Fear. Anxiety, happiness and joy, terror, nervousness, can tell ALL of that by looking at a dogs tail. And so can other animals. So it is cruel in my book to deprive them of this.

    I have three dogs right now. Two rotties, one is docked, one is not and a jrt - docked. I hate that they are docked. Makes me sick.

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    If you look at it that way it's cruel...I was simply looking at it from an abuse point of view. Definitely cruel from that point of view. We've had a few dogs have to have tails amputated for several reasons (hit by car, etc.) and it doesn't effect their lives post-surgery, it's just really painful. No one likes to be in pain...poor little guys. :( :( :(
    The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?" ~Jeremy Bentham

    Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game. ~Paul Rodriguez

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    Im pro docking. I own a docked and croped dobe show puppy.

    Dobes were done origionally because they were a protection breed. It was less for a robber or whatever to grab onto.

    Also I am doing Shutzhud with her and there is less likely hood of an injury.

    For the record the tail banding doent hurt. The pups dont even notice it.



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