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Thread: Purr Fect Fence

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    Purr Fect Fence

    This is a good idea for those of you that want to let your cat outside, but want to protect it from the dangers that lurk....

    Does anyone have one of these already?
    Talk to us about it!

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    Best wishes on this holiday season.

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    I have used't remember products right now), but I know I would not use them repeatedly if they were not reliable and have competitive pricing.
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    fect Cat Fence is the only cat fence enclosure system that can be installed free-standing or added to an existing fence or wall to make it cat-proof.
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    Purr…fect Fence is currently making over 25,000 cats happy, healthy and safe outdoors. During the past five years we have developed and produced an incredibly effective (99.99+% success rate) free-standing cat containment system.
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    sounds great i will be trying this!



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