Hi everyone,

I am a new member here. I am not a lurker or here to cause trouble. I only wish to raise your attention of Linda Johnson's 96 cats that were removed from her home in Virginia Beach. 96 cats is a lot you say, but this woman and her husband had two valid cattery licences allowing her to keep up to 96 cats on her property.

It all began when a woman who adopted a cat as a Christmas present was refused by Linda to exchange it for another cat. The woman's last words to Linda were, "You'll be sorry." Shortly thereafter she complains to Animal Control that Linda Johnson's house smells of urine and faeces. Several procedures were not followed including the necessity of conducting an investigation before raiding the property.

All 96 cats were properly cared for. The Johnsons accepted strays, ferals and sickly cats into their home. New cats were nursed back to health and getting the all clear before they were introduced to the general population. Something responsible owners do. They have spent US$21000 on these cats in vet bills alone. Not one neighbour has made a complaint and with no less than 10 people testifying for Linda at the court hearing, the judge decided that only the cats with new owners found are to be realeased, the remaining will de destroyed. Only 53 cats out of the 96 have new homes.

How's this for logic? Animal Control deemed the house unfit for 96 cats to live in but they left the Johnsons' dog at the residence.

I'm not asking you to accept a new cat into your household. There is an online petition that is available for you to sign. Please, it only takes a few seconds to read and sign it.

http://www.savelindas96.freeservers.com/ This is to a timeline of events and other things that can be done to help these cats.

http://www.petitiononline.com/Lindas96/ This will take you directly to the petition.

Thank you for reading. Please find it in your heart to sign this petition.