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    Scared-of-everything collie

    Help!! We have a nearly two year old female collie, who has a wonderful personality and is very sweet. However, I cannot take her for a walk because she is afraid of almost everything. We had an air gun going off this past summer in one of the tobacco fields close to us. She was petrified of it. Since that time, any noise she hears while walking scares her. She pulls me back home and shakes and pants. She is also afraid of stop signs, telephone poles, plastic bags blowing by, and garbage pails. She has a lot of energy, so I feel walking her is important. I love walking a dog, and I really miss not being able to do it with her. She is happy in her backyard playing ball unless she hears a noise she is uncomfortable with. How can I help her? Thanks so much!! Sue

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    What do you do when she acts this way?
    Whatever you do, do not coddle her, encourage her or react to her. If you do it will often perpetuate the behavior because she does it to get the attention from you....

    Have you spoken to a canine behaviorist at all?



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