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    Get them off the leash!

    OK, this is not a current issue but you will be surprised there are still some people who treat dogs with little or no compassion.

    We used to have a neighbour who owns a dog and that poor dog had the shortest leash that he could hardly walk. He could only sit and stand. He was never allowed to go out of the house. I really feel for the dog. Last I heard, he has passed away.

    Dogs are meant to be free and not feel couped up. How would you like to be chained for a day? So think before you crack the whip!
    I breathe rock n roll and I am proud to be the voice for animals.

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    um. Ok. I hope your not suggesting to just let dogs run free. That would be dangerous to both dogs and humans.

    If your saying dogs should not be tied up in the back yard and forgotten I happen to agree with you.

    Dogs should always get appropriate exercise and attention.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child

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    Salem, you're correct. The idea is - not to tie dogs in the backyard.

    And to be honest, I dont see an issue with dogs running free at the park - unless they are not trained.
    I breathe rock n roll and I am proud to be the voice for animals.

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    Katie it depends on local laws. Here you cannot let your dog run free even at the park. I know some places have dog parks specifically to let your dogs run. Here they do not though. We live in a small town. If a dog is caught off leash the owner is either fined or the dog is taken to the pound.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child

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    and although my dalmatians are well trained i dont let them off lead in a non secure area because of their deafness.
    as well as it being basic safety and commen sence its also a restriction in their insurance.

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    Also it largely depends on the dog and the breed. Even WELL TRAINED dogs can get into a "pack mentality". I have seen VERY well trained dogs, that were all hanging out together and playing just fine, when a cat or a small dog darted by (or squirrel or chipmunk) and one of the dogs darted after it. You sure can not deny PREY behavior, it is the very nature of most dogs). Before you know it the two dogs, or the six dogs or however many there are moments ago playing together, give chase and if caught that cat or small animal, or even small dog could be fodder for a game of "catch the quick moving object" or "tug of war".

    My own dogs are almost always off leash, because we have 25 acres of land and they have been taught our land boundaries and also we go trail riding (we have horses) and they all come along. We work extensively on good recall and obedience, as we could not take them trail riding if they did not, but that is not to say that I do not pay careful attention when a deer runs across the path in front of us, or we approach another family with dog or dogs off leash.

    It would be irresponsible to believe that any dog is 100% bombproof as far as chasing, reacting to other dogs on the trail or recalling 100% of the time.

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    Back in Wisconsin there weren't many fenced yards, so people who did leave their dogs outside left them tied to trees, sometimes. That, I did not agree with. I felt if you were going to have a dog either allow it to come inside or get a fence. Otherwise just don't ask for the responsibility!

    Here, however, everyone has a fence. Dogs don't have to be subjected to a mere chain and can roam a bit, even if they are outside all day.

    I would never let my dog run without a leash in a park on walks. He sticks to sidewalks, but he loves to run in yards and sniff. He also does not take into consideration that not all dogs are friends.



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