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    Real men want tough dogs?
    Where have you been hanging out?
    You don't have any idea what "real men" want.
    You should just say *I* want a tough dog.
    Here yu have this sweetm, wonderful, friendly dog and you can't stand it. What a shame for that poor dog. I'd love to find that dog a decent home where they could be respected for their great temperament. Breeders spend years breeding kind temperaments into their dogs and only breed those that have it...and you want the opposite. I suspect that the reason your dog is not barking is perhaps your dog has some sort of fear of you. You probably come off as some gung-ho macho man and the dog is intimidated.

    Go bring the dog to a shelter and get yourself an alarm system.
    You don't deserve this great dog.
    No dog should ever be encouraged to be aggressive.
    We'll be reading about you one day in the paper.

    Go find a forum where people can help you trun a great dog into a jerk.
    This is not the forum for you.

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    Seems like you have a warped view of what it means to be a "real man." I know plenty of "real men" who have kind, sweet, loving dogs. Heck, I'm a "real man," and my dog is 17 pounds and loves everyone and everything she encounters. People like you give breeds such as the Pit Bull a bad name.

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    Good Guard Dogs?

    Hi! I am new to this site and when I came across this topic I had to reply. I currently have 2 dogs, "Blue" a 3 1/2 year old Weimaraner that I rescued from the shelter when he was 10 months old and the newest addition to our family is "Brutus" a 7 week old black and white great dane puppy who was going to be "culled" from the litter because he wasn't show marked. I think I have the best guard dog ever. Blue is wonderful with my two small children, dependable in public places, polite to any guest in my home....but about a year ago we had someone break into our home and when I returned home with my 2 kids I heard Blue growling in the den. He had a young man cornered and would not let him move. I called the police and left the house. Anywho...all was family, my home and my pets were safe all because of Blue. And you know what I did to make him a "good guard dog"? I took him to obiediance classes, I socialized him and I gave him all the love that I give my children! You don't have to "make" a good guard dog. If you love them and treat them right, they will naturally want to defend what they love. People who try to make their dogs mean are only asking for trouble, and this kind of treatment is certainly not fair to the dog...who by the way will usually be put down if he attacks someone, and then what good is it to you to have a dead guard dog? My best advice is find a local rescue organization, turn your sweet dog in and then check your self into obviously have some issuse to work out.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    I think that your attitude is kind of sad. You mentioned pitbulls, and do you realize how many of them are put to sleep every year because they are aggressive? I had an aggressive German Sheppard two years ago, I adopted him because he was abandoned (probably because of his temperment), but at the time he just seemed to be sweet to me and my family. I had a babysitter over and a neighbor knocked on my door, the babysitter let her in and she was attacked by my dog. He was maced by the police and taken in for a 10 day waiting period. He was finally released to me after paying several hundred dollars to get the dog back and in hospital bills. I couldn't take the dog anywhere or have him around anyone anymore at all. Then my daughter accidentally let him out one day and he attacked a passerby. I felt so bad for all of the people in my neighborhood( they were all in fear of my dog), that I took him in and had him put to sleep. It tore my whole family up, we were very attached to him, he was a big part of our family. But his actions in the event of his accidental freedom was in no way acceptable, and there was nothing that I could do to take that out of him. You need to think about what you are wanting to do to your dog, because if you make the dog mean, you can't turn that around. And it might be cool for a while, but an accident is bound to happen someday. It could be an accident that could devastate someone else's life.....

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    And we wonder why people are so 'racist' of breeds such as pit bulls! It's the owners, not the dog that should be punished for dogs attacking! Actually, I've only had the pleasure of meeting very nice, sociable, well mannered Pit Bulls to date - they were all owned by intelligent, sensible people, rather than the egotistical bullies that give the breed a bad rep.

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    It's funny that u mention "breed racist" champ. I own Great Danes and a Weimaraner (large dogs) and I frequently have problems with people thinking they will kill somone because of their size. It drives me crazy!!! I do not believe that there is one single bad breed.....only bad owners!! I do however find it funny that people automatically think something bad when they see Brutus (my Dane) but he is the most well mannered dog...I have more problems from these people's smaller dogs than I ever do out of my boys. But that is because I have taken the time to socialize, train and have my dogs CGC certified. Never the less you will always find some idiot in the world who has a big ego and wants a "mean, tough dog"..and in the end it's the poor dog who suffers...breaks my heart to see people who do such things to their pets :cry:
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    Everything that I would say to Steven01 has already been said. It is so sad to hear someone wanting to make their pet more aggressive. Being a responsible pet handler means making sure your pet is not aggressive.
    You will ruin your sweet tempered dog if you persist. Try to have a little compassion for the dog.



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