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    I,m writing this because i,m devastated. My long time friend Ronny may not last much longer. When he was a pup, he was diagnosed with a hindleg problem, he had trouble walking. My mom and I opted for the cheaper solution which was a series of injections. Eventually, he could walk normally and the problem didnt really affect him.
    Now, he's 7 1/2, and the problem is reapeering,
    vet says he needs an operation where they re-locate the bones of his hindlegs back into the sockets, all this amounts to 3000$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now i,m in the middle of the worst decision i,ve had to make in my life,
    endet myself by maxing my 2 credit cards, or having him put down,


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    In this day & times of scams, I have what may be helpful advice. There are groups that will help an honest genuine emergency if the need is real. Please contact your vet or a local animal welfare group & explain your situation. Have you asked friends & family? The church?
    If this is a true story then Ronny needs you to work on finding help from there. Please do so soon for Ronny's sake. Good luck.
    If this is a scam or worse, the result of inflicted injury then...I won't say it.

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    all i can di is echo jif. if its true i hope you get together the money he needs.

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    I've removed the contact info. Too many scams going around...but what you can do is look in a nother post I made here about Care Credit - I can't think of the name right now, but they will finance the cost of emergency treatments like this, or any sort of expensive vetrinary care for you at almost no interest rate....

    Care 2 Credit or something like that.

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    If it is true, I hope you get the money.
    Animals always become best friends.

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    Kerry--curious if you have any more information on this Care 2 Credit you talked about? I don't see another post here with anything about it.


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    It is a program, interest free, that allows you to basically take a loan and make payments to your vet, without finance charges, etc. So anyone with a pet in need, that can make small monthly payments can still cover an expensive treatment and pay it off.

    I have never used it, just saw a flyer for it in my vets office and thought it was a great idea for people financially starpped, but still wanting to do their best for their pet.

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    Thanks!!! I did some searching online after I saw this post and found a few financial assistant organizations. I'm still trying to raise the remaining funds for Momma Dog's heartworm treatment. We had decided to have her euthenized a couple weeks ago but I couldn't do it. I'm going to submit my application for assistance in the morning. I'm hoping they will approve it and we can begin her treatment. If it's successfull, I've decided to adopt her myself. She is such a sweet dog and she's helped me in so many ways, I just can't watch her go. It's a connection I've never felt with another dog before. She's become my 4 legged baby, and she follows me around, hangs on my pant leg and even lays on the couch with me just like my 2-legged babies do. She's the perfect companion and I can't imagine what it'd be like without her. I just wish we had the funds needed for her treatment.

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    You are an amazing person.
    I am so happy for this dog.
    She so lucky to have found you.

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    Its really bad news and You are in critical situation. I m sorry for loss of your money but If you really love your friend then you definitely get money for save him.
    I pray to God for you and your friend. My condolences for you.



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