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Thread: lawn problems

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    lawn problems

    I need help getting my lab to stop digging the the backyard. He has turned it into nothing but mud. I need grass to grow but am not sure how with him. Any help would be great.

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    digging can be down to a number of things...stress, boredom, anxiety.

    make sure your training and house rules are clear and consistant. is your househole calm or rowdy? are there any places that are just for the dog. ie each of my dogs has her own bed where they sleep and in the living room. when they are invited in, there are three beds waiting for them. when they are in their beds they are left alone and the kids are not allowed to approach.

    are there enough toys and games? in my home im in charge of the toy box but you could leave it on the floor for your dog to get him self. i like to buy super bouncy toys so the dogs can throw them by them selves or can enjoy a game with me. and between me and thee my shih tzus partial to a teddy bear at night :)

    are there any specific times of a day that he likes to dig? if so make that you 'special' walk time. my special walks involve a short fold away tunnel that i wear when its not being used but it just pops up.
    i work my dalmatians with it by sending them through and having them jump over it and my shih tzu loves a game of hide and seek.

    save these sort of games for when he obviously has extra energy to burn
    and if its not a case of 'in the evening he digs. he will still benefit from knowing that you are loads of fun to be with.

    did you know working a dogs mind burns energy? invest in puzzle balls,puzzle cubes and kongs, that way when you cant be with him there is still fun to be had.

    i hope some of this helps :)

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    Also, the dog may be digging to find a cool/warm spot to lie in. Our big dog has dug out a shallow place that is in the shade of a big tree where she lies if it is hot outside.

    There there are some dogs that just want to dig because it is fun. Remember being a kid and wanting to dig holes just for the heck of it? If that is the kind of dog you have, giving him or her a place where they are allowed to dig can help save the rest of the yard. We rent, so we can't really have our dogs digging too much. The shallow hole our big dog dug out isn't a problem, but our little terrier digs holes all over the place. Once it gets a little warmer and they start selling plastic kiddie pools, I plan on picking one up and filling it with sand. Then I'll bury interesting things in it and try to teach the pup that it's ok to dig there.



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