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Thread: correction

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    I was practicing with him in a wonder bit. I did try a twisted one. That did not help. I was then practicing in a 3-piece shanked bit. With that I was working on neck reining with him and he seemed unsure about what I was asking and seemed confused. I am sure as I work with that more with him he will get better about that but is their anything else I could do more with him to help him understand that neck reining is not a bad thing because I do not want to show him in a snaffel bit if I do not need to?

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    A shank bit is another bit, depending on how long that is overly rough on a horse. You want to try to get the very lightest bit you can find, then train him to work with that. If you don't like showing in a snaffle bit then why not try him on whateevr the lightest bit is that you are willing to work with.

    Then practice this very, very, very boring lesson...but at the end you will have a horse so soft on the bit that when you even start to reach for the rein he will head in that direction....

    First tack up and mount.(in an arena would be best so you do't have to worry about direction). At this point it won't matter what the horse is doing - let him walk around if he feels like it, and if he stays still all the better. Then simply reach down and very lightly hold the rein in your right hand, with as little pressure as possible until you see his nose give - the slightest movement of that nose, completely drop the rein. EXAGGEARET the dropping ot the rein. The SOONER you can respond to even the slightest inclination of his head toward your hand, th SOONER he will get thsi exercise.

    Then do it again.
    And again.
    And again.
    Switch sides back and forth.

    Do this lesson for 30 minutes every single day.
    Within a few days or a few weeks, depending ont eh horse, you will have a horse that will give to the bit upon you just REACHING for the rein.

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    Whatever your problem, don't focus on the type of bit - it's almost never the problem! If your horse is not doing something that you would like, go back to the basics and teach him better.



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