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    just baught my first horse!!

    Hello. I'm new here. And today i went and baught my first horse. He is a 4 month old English gypsy cob colt foal. He doesn't have a name yet. They are keeping him until i can find local grazing. Am...
  2. Getting back into horse riding - any tips/advice welcome!

    Hello horsey people

    I'm going up to a local stables (actually, it's my old riding school from when I was a kid!) on Sunday to meet and hopefully have a quick ride round on a horse which I may be...
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    Field hire near Southend Essex wanted.

    Does anyone have a field for hire for dog walking? Thought I'd ask here in case anyone has a field I could hire a couple of times a week to walk my Malamutes because I can't take them to parks or...
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    share a nice video with horse lover!

    Common sense tells us, a common interest and a similar lifestyle are vital ingredients in the chemistry of a successful relationship.For the horse lover,the horse is more than friends, it is a...
  5. I think one of my horses is a bit smarter than I thought he was ...

    I have a horse called Archie. I got him as a (roughly) 9 month old foal - I saw him standing in a field in a dreadful state, hair hanging off him in dreadlocks, feet turned up like turkish slippers....
  6. What is the best way to find someone to rehome my tropical fish?


    I've had my fish for about a year and a half now and in that time I have learnt lots, but also had a lot of failures. It is so sad when my fish get poorly and I'm finding it really...
  7. Nitrite and salt - quick answer appreciated if possible!

    I just did a nitrite test, and it's reading at about 0.5mg/l - the highest it's been! So I immediately did a 25% water change. Would this be the right time to add salt?

    (Bearing in mind we can...
  8. What sort and how many fish can I keep in a 120 liter tank.

    Just posted this in the tropical section but I noticed after that there have only been 4 posts this year in that section so thought I should also post it here. Sorry if it breaks any rules (feel free...
  9. How do I make a wild bird feeder for the birds?

    I want to put up some feeders for the birds. Can we use slices of sawn up log, and what mixes do we put into it?
  10. What is the largest member of the parrot family?

    What is the largest member of the parrot family?
    I always thought it was the hyacinth macaw but I that this incorrect. If this right then can someone tell me what it is?
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    Is he trying to warn me?

    I may have mentioned before that Basil doesnt talk when we are in the room although that is getting better, he sometimes says hallo while looking out of the window or he will chirp/whistle a greeting...
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    Newbie and my OAP cockatiel

    Hi There
    I am new to this forum and joined as I am about to get a new Puppy, But have found there is also this bird related section.
    I have a cockatiel, Billy, He is 18 , and never been shut in his...
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    My little papillon is a mama!!!

    We are all so very excited for him.

    My 3 year old son was playing in the backyard (privacy fenced in yard) and he comes walking in the back door with this kitten. He said the kitten was in the...
  14. Lark, SERIOUSLY Almost Lost an Eye! (slightly graphic)

    Not sure quite what she ran into yet I'm going to do some searching this weekend. But she was running around in a neighbors tall grass prairie on wednesday when suddenly I heard her yelp and she came...
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    Does your dog love the beach?

    My canine loves the beach. Will chase the ball into the water until he drops. Can last more than an hour. Only thing is, he doesn't have the swimming confidence to swim way out. So we have to to toss...
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    What's in this German Shepherd Mix Pup?

    We rescued this 5 month old pup from a local shelter. It's obviously a German Shepard mix, but we can't tell what else. Has interesting wavy fur down it's back and along it's tail. Very furry ears...
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    ANOTHER pee thread, but, with a twist

    I have a 1.5 year old miniature Dachshund, Ruby. Ruby hasn't been the best with her potty training, peeing at random times throughout the house. The last couple of weeks we have been on a good streak...
  18. Anybody else perk up when people start talking about fish?

    I know I do! I ALWAYS find myself sitting with a group of people, zoning out as they talk about all the drama that's going on (while I could care less about), then when fish is brought up, I can't...
  19. A Young Man's Journey Towards Discovering Himself... or....

    Last night, I was driving home from work, and after I got off the highway and was traveling through town, I see this young man, mid-20's, with a HUGE backpack strapped on walking along. Behind him, a...
  20. I wonder what this headache is from? *goes on internet* Brai

    I have done this in regards to myself. And now, I have officially done this in regards to my fish as well.

    I thought I saw a small white patch on my betta but only when looking from a certain...
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    Mermaid: The Body Found (Animal Planet)

    Did you guys see this documentary last night? My husband and I were blown away. It was really interesting, the creatures were mesmerizing and the CGI renderings were fascinating to watch. It did make...
  22. The "Field collection and discovery thread". Look

    I think a thread like this could be productive and inspiring.
    What is field collection/discovery
    Walk out side your back door, look down. See anything? Snails, grass, bugs? Good, id hope so because...
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    Black Country Birders Days Out


    Saturday 29TH April 2012 – Upton Warren (Christopher Cadbury’s Nature Reserve),
    Weather was a little ruff most of the day with very high winds, rain and being a...
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    Profile Pic Changed without me changing it

    I haven't been on for ages, and posted on a thread and a shocked with my profile pic! I didn't put it on here, it's anl appropriate (thank goodness) pic, but shocking to see it. I posted the pic on...
  25. Tinkerbell Legacy - Living and loving of a flying CAG in Tai


    After coming into Cheng Rai Thailand, I was checking on the visitors to Tinkerbell webpage when I noticed a new URL that some visitors came from .

    I am touched to find a thread started...
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