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  1. Thread: cloudy water

    by anima.l

    cloudy water

    Hi everyone!

    I'm having a problem with cloudy water in my tank.

    I have a 110 litre tank and 4 juvenile fancy goldfish. I have 2 filters in the tank, one with a 4 tier system.

    I clean the...
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    Strange bird in my garden

    This bird has visited my garden twice this week unsure what it is but I think it must be someone's pet as it is very tame. Does anyone know what it is? It has red eye rims a small red beak it's a...
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    Taming a pair of lovebirds

    Sorry in advance for the long post, but I just want to get as much information in as possible to make this easier. I have had my two lovebirds for about a year and a half now, they were shy when I...
  4. Thank goodness for screwfix wheel broke on Rio's cage yester

    I pulled Rio's cage out yesterday as I do at least twice a day to Hoover under it and one of the wheels sheared of I phoned the place we got him from and they said if they still did the cage they may...
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    GPS tracker for cats?


    I'm looking for some way to track my cat while it's outdoors. I've got a one and a half year old Abyssinian neutered boy and he has this bad habit of not knowing what's good for him....
  6. Cat collar with a bell? What do you think of those?

    I've always believed that bells on collars aren't pleasant for cats. I mean, I sure wouldn't want something around my neck that makes a constant noise and I've heard it bothers cats, that it can make...
  7. Meeko needs your help.Do you recognise this mouse ?

    When Meeko was a lot younger he had 2 little toy mice which he loved.He used to run around carrying them in his mouth, "hiding" them,then pouncing on them and starting again.
    He lost them both,one...
  8. Thread: how typical!

    by anima.l

    how typical!

    took bella yesterday for a walk by the river while it was raining. got home bathed her as she was covered in mud ...woke up this morning to find she'd pood in her cage (she never ever does this) it...
  9. Going on holiday shortly after bringing new pup home

    Hi Guys,

    I will be bringing my first puppy home in a months time, however myself and OH booked a holiday abroad last year (not knowing then we would be getting pup). It will be for 10 days and we...
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    Sad staffy poem

    Today is just another day - to me they're all the same
    I have the worst of genes you see, I bear the "Staffy" shame.
    The shame is in our numbers, there's thousands with no home.
    Thousands just...
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    A Pet Owners Field Guide to Petting

    What if cats came with an owners manual on how to pet them? Some cats really need a manual for that!

    I found this video on Youtube that tried to make an Faq on how to pet a cat the right way and...
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    lol new kitten acts like a human

    My little kitten Holly came home with me on the 23rd and she act like a human lol, she stands on her hind legs and walks for a bit and then when she eats she goes yum yum lol!
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    long haired malamute rolled in poop help

    i have a long haired malamute who just rolled in poop ive managed to get the
    big bits out but its stained the fur down to the under coat and smells. i only just bathed her two week ago which took...
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    The North East Dog Directory

    Has anyone liked this on Facebook or plan to put anything in there?

    It looks like it will be quite useful for us doggy people in the north east as there isn't really anything like it at the minute!
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    Entire Males Vs Neutered at the park

    Hey all Ive got a question about keeping an entire male and taking them to the park to mix with other dogs...
    This is my first male dog and I am sure I heard somewhere neutered dogs dont treat the...
  16. New fish stand and new plants and stuff in tank

    I finally got a fish stand as well as new plants for the tank sooooo what do you guys think

    Before. It had the cave and one fake plant as well as it was on the floor not the dresser....
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    Has anyone ever bought fish online?

    I'm hoping to get some Siamese Fighting Fish, but I can find any decent breeders nearby, and I'd rather not get from Pets at Home (plus, that's a long journey too).

    I've found a couple of...
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    A short disclaimer on my advice...

    I opened my e-mails this morning to find a rather abusive message from a certain person I had been helping with recently on multiple fishkeeping problems. This particular person has blamed me for the...
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    Anyone interested in Marble Convicts?

    I have just got 8 adults and about 20 babies from the aquatics store today. I have put the babies in a seperate(baby) tank but if all 20 survive then obviously I wouldnt be able to keep them. So am...
  20. The importance of test kits and water testing!

    Earlier on today I received an e-mail from a neighbour down the street asking if I could come and take a look at the fish in their pond.

    Upon arrival I found the problem: several of the fish...
  21. when is it too late to treat fish for white spot disease?

    We had 4 fantail goldfish & 4 minnows for about a week, until this weekend we decided to get 3 more fantails. Yesterday i noticed one of the original fantails had white spots over her body, fins &...
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    Would you use a freelance groom?

    Hi. Just wanted some feedback on the use of freelance grooms. I am seriously considering it to make up my hours from my part time job in retail, however i wouldn’t really know where to start and...
  23. Anyone who has someone else excercise their horse....

    Im thinking of trying to find someone to ride my horse in the winter months, but ive got a real problem with trusting someone else to ride her!

    I know it will be better for her, as she loses so...
  24. Help needed please peeps. stolen carriage from Norfolk 22/11

    Hi guys could you plese keep your eyes peeled for this...
    (Not sure if the link works)

    Im waiting for more info to post but this is what I...
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    second hand or baby bird? please help!!!

    Hi, im going to be buying a macaw, and my partner says buy a baby, but i have seen so many that are up for sale and need new homes.
    This debate has gone on most of the day
    what you would recommend...
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