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  1. Re: What are your guinea pigs' favourite treats?

    Coco likes cheese doodles not healthy for him no doubt but he sure does love them. :)
  2. Thread: Lydia

    by Lydiasmom


    My old and grumpy baby girl. :)

  3. Thread: My baby girl

    by Lydiasmom

    My baby girl

    Vidalia :)

  4. Re: Does anyone know how to get help with vet bills

    Thank you I live in the USA in the state of Ohio and so far have had no luck finding any help. :( I applied for something called care credit but since I have no credit I was denied. I am going to...
  5. Re: Any expeireince with portosystemic shunts

    Thank you. :)
  6. Any expeireince with portosystemic shunts

    Anyone have any experience with portosystemic shunts? The vet thinks my puppy might have it. She is a 14 week old yorkie-mix and up until she started having seizures the other day she appeared to be...
  7. Does anyone know how to get help with vet bills

    My 14 week old puppy is very sick. Early last week she went from a happy go lucky puppy who was very playful to unresponsive and then having seizures, at the time it was not known if she had been...
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