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  1. redish brown crusty stuff in dogs coat any seen before?

    hi everyone i understand this forum doesnt give verterinary advice as im not actually looking for any. im just looking for help id-ing this crusty stuff that i found in my dogs (he's a labrador)...
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    Re: Can rabbits get red mite?

    Hi LPC
    I have consulted a vet and for some reason it's taking them ages to get back to me.... So I'm probably going to ask another vet... As I'm unsure should I do something for the rabbits or not?...
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    Can rabbits get red mite?

    Hi everyone

    I’m needing advice and help!! So I keep budgies and rabbits and recently the budgies got red mite... however after all the research I’ve done on this parasite ... I read it can...
  4. Help! I can't get the dog into the new car!!

    Hi everyone

    So we got a new car at the start of the year.... A DSA vehicle I believe it is a Peugeot gt line 3008 model. Well that's what my mum choose the vehicle is for my mum to drive my to...
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    Cage size for 2 budgies?

    Hi everybody :)

    I'm hoping to get 2 budgies (just for some company in my room!) and these will be my first bird pets. I've been doing my research so I understand the basics that budgies need and...
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    Help ID droppings found in garden?

    I've been finding these wierd scats/poop in the garden for the last week and just cannot figure out what's doing them! I know it's gross to ask but I've done so much looking on the Internet and can't...
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