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  1. how many mamory glands dose your girl have

    What is the largest litter a female can nurse at one time? I have been told anywhere from 6-14 that is a big swing. Dose it matter on the females breed? I dont plan on breeding but was wondering...
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    We had a miniature mare who was pregnant and the...

    We had a miniature mare who was pregnant and the colt by her side stolen. She was a dapple gray mare no distinguishing marks. She was not chipped (we had her only 3 months and at that time had not...
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    Do you have ANY idea?

    Do you know how they kill horse at a place like that? Is makes me :evil: to even compare a death in a loving home and a death like that, full of fear, pain and other horrors (that I wont go into as...
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    Hello from Oregon

    Hi all. I am excited to announce that I am waiting to get a new puppy. He will be a Shiloh Shepherd little boy. He has yet to be born but Iam so excited. His mom is showing signs of getting ready...
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    Poll: conformation and color your opion

    This is our new colt. He out of our 37" stallion and our 33.5" mare. Do you think his conformation is good? What about his face? What is our overall impression of him? Thanks ...
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