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    Re: New evolution step.

    The Black Russian Terrier (the informal name of the breed - "Dog Stalin") - Russian utility breed, bred in the second half of the XX century in the Soviet Union in the kennel "Red Star", by crossing...
  2. Re: Tails of Marin: Some dog breeds can be harder to read

    I HAVE A PUPPY Shih Tzu. And I want to talk about this breed.
    Dog of breed shih-tzu, in spite of its extremely beautiful, decorative toy and not a toy dog. Shih Tzu - a companion dog with an unusual...
  3. Thread: Hound mix

    by cezik

    Re: Hound mix

    Metis (French, singular m├ętis, from pozdnelat. Misticius - mixed, from Lat. Misceo - mix) - the descendants of the different breeds of dogs


    And get a job...
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    Re: Do u guys like PIGEONS?

    Several times in this forum the question is how to determine the sex dove. It is not an easy, try to say something about it.

    Old grandfather's way of "pull a bird beak" I have nothing but a smile...
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