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  1. Re: Ive a question regarding Velvet Worms/Onychophora

    Thank you, I very much like these forums and I wish these forums were far more popular.
  2. Ive a question regarding Velvet Worms/Onychophora

    How does one take care of them as pets. Can they even be pets? How would I get one?

    By the looks of it I cant change titles of threads. But I would like to add im interested in more than just...
  3. Replies

    We need Crabs and Bugs

    Bugs are common pets, such as spiders and Rhino beetles and what not. so are Crabs.
  4. I feel we should have an option to use the scientifical classifications

    No im aware this is not a topic suggestion. But it would be nice to be able to search Kingdom, Phylum, Sub-Phylum or Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, for more obscure creatures such as Velvet...
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