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  1. Re: People Smoking with Animals in their car :(

    I smoked for years and I always treated my pets as I did with my kids so I had no problem not smoking in the car. It's just a matter of caring, if you don't do it with your kids it should be no...
  2. Re: Please sign the petition! The dog, which the owner mutilated


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    Re: PETA Kills

    I did a huge report on this on my site. Gets my crazy.

    I am even going after Ricky Gervais because he is such an animal lover and he won the 2013 Person of the year and he should give it back.
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    Hi we are Wildlife Planet

    Just wanted to say hello. As far as pets I have 4 cats that I took off the street and about to add #5. I also have an Australian cattle dog.

  5. Re: 3D printer makes titanium beak for turtle!

    Thats cool 3-d Printing is better used for this, than making stupid moronic stuff like a gun

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    Re: Looking For Your Opinion On Declawing

    NO WAY

    It should be outlawed. Basically they break the knuckle and the cat walks on it's knuckles for the rest of it's. In many states they have now outlawed it because it's an beyond cruelty.
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