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  1. Think there's a stray about.. (Nicknamed Ginge)

    So this morning, about 1:30am, I couldn't sleep so opened the window to get Shadow in. He was sat on the shed with a ginger cat. Nobody in my village owns a ginger cat, infact there's only 4 cats in...
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    Wish Us Luck At The Vets Tomorrow Please!

    My little persian Kaspar is off to the vets tomorrow to have an operation and im already panicking myself about the anaesthetic and anything else that might go wrong He is my snuggly, fluffy baby and...
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    We are Siamese if you please...

    The more I see and read about Siamese cats, the more the breed grows on me. I find them fascinating!

    Please could you feed my fascination and post pics of your Siamese cats? Pretty please? You...
  4. Habits you accidentally instilled in your dog..!

    When Rupert was a puppy he used to love ripping things. He was quite good and learned very quickly to only rip things he was given and told he could have. In particular we used to give him empty...
  5. Those with spayed bitches-did their coats change?

    So now Tilly is having her 1st season I need to start thinking about when/whether to get her spayed, and at the minute the only drawback is that her coat might change? (and the urinary...
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    Walt being very helpful at the car boot!

    We didn't sell any books! Lol

    Home time, he was a very good boy all morning especially with the crowds and lots of people of all ages! One boy said he looked like a weird dog then said he looked...
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    Painting Onto A Gloss Surface?

    Perhaps a bit of a random question, which is why I've posted it in general chat. My room is in the process of being redecorated. My dad has made me a great shelf unit but it's black, which just...
  8. The Official "how Did You Get Your Name?" Thread

    I've been using HAMBONE on various messageboards for years..

    My favorite sport is hockey, my favorite team is The Boston Bruins. My favorite player is Cam Neely, his nickname when he played was...
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    Got Attacked By A Angry Momma Bird Today

    i went fishing today with the family, really nice time so we were walking out to the dock and we passed a kill dear and her nest,
    so being he great photographer i am i couldnt pass up the...
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    How Clean Is Your Aquarium Water?

    How clean is the water in your tank? If you say it is spot on and clean, how many of you would be willing to drink a cup full of the water from your tank? I would have no problem doing so with my...
  11. Anyone Else Interested In Horses And Horse Training?

    I've always been interested horses, riding, training etc but have never had either the time or money to take it anywhere. I asked for a load of training books/dvds for my birthday though and have...
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    Soaking dried mealworms

    As the breeding season begins,it requires a change at the feeding station in our gardens in my opinion, I remove the fat ball hanging feeders and replace with with pinhead oats, all other seeds...
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    Pleasantly surprised by all this activity!

    I stay only a few hundred yards from a lovely woodland which follows a small river into the countryside, however due to my immediate surroundings I didn't think my garden would attract much birdlife...
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    Finches eating my cherry blossoms?

    This is our third spring in our house and it's the first time I've noticed this bird behavior. Small birds, including house finches and another kind that I'm not sure of the identity, are trying to...
  15. Anyone have the Droll Yankees Jagunda Feeder?

    I am in the market for a new feeder to attract the Northern Cardinal. Does anyone out there have the Droll Yankees Jagunda Feeder and are you happy with it? Easy to clean etc?
  16. Blue Tits and Great Tits nesting right next to one another

    Hello there,

    We have got blue-tit and great tit boxes on the wall of our house, they are only about six feet away from each other and yet we have both blue-tits and great-tits nesting (both in and...
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    Help needed please.... Fairly Urgent

    I adopted a young cat about 5 weeks ago and at the time thought she looked pregnant, however she put on weight but not a load. She is tiny and her old owner thought she is about 2, but I doubt it....
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    What age can a cat get pregnant from?

    Sorry, probably a stupid question but I've never had kittens..
    and how long is the gestation period?
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    cat went missing came back pregnant help?

    hello im new here, my cat has been missing a few weeks and came back yesterday looking dirty and hungry, so i took her to the vets and was told she s 7 weeks pregnant! when i got her i was told she...
  20. one of phoebes kittens has died during the early hours

    its so sad, she wasthe weakeast hardly gained any weight, she was alive at 4 30am but barely took any food. just found her under mum dead, not sure how long she s been gone. i dnt know what to do...
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    Tabby Mated with Tortie Female

    Would this litter consist of tabby males and tortie females ?

    I am trying to read about patterns today but am not getting far with this one.

  22. phoebe keeps running off and hiding the kittens and she s st

    this is annoying, yesterday while iwas weighing them, she came along and took 2 and put them behind the sofa! and later at bedtime when i tooke kitten box to bedroom, was around midnight, she decided...
  23. Man, I thought some of you folks are conservative with puppi

    I understand the need to not injure a puppy's joints by having them run or do agility, as many of you post here... Sometimes I think there are a few people who are super conservative about this.......
  24. I'm looking 4 alaskan malamute kennel in thailand..please su

    hi...i'm alaskan lover but in indonesia,alaskan still i want import from thailand,but i need to suggest a good alaskan kennel in thailand,so i will come to thailand and choose by my...
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    Recommend a breed for our little family.

    Now, I'm not looking to get a dog within at least a couple years, but thought I'd be fun to post here and look at all suggestions!

    Note: I know many of you will say to go get a unknown mix shelter...
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