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  1. Why is holistic dog food good for your dog?

    The word ‘holistic’ means fixing the root cause of a health problem rather than just getting rid of the symptom. Holistic Dog Food is that natural food which is necessary for your dog’s health and...
  2. Dry Cat Food-Superior Nutrition For Pets

    Cat Food is directly related to the cat’s health. What's more, as a dependable pet owner you are the person who chooses what is on the menu. While there is a great deal to look over, dry feline...
  3. Healthy Feeding for Dogs - Best Dog Food Choices

    Healthy feeding for dogs is definitely a tricky area for owners. There are actually such a large number of alternatives out there that it is quite natural to be confused. Dog Food choices must be...
  4. Dry Cat Food-Superior Nutrition For Pets

    A cat’s wellbeing is directly related to the cat food. What's more, as a dependable pet owner you are the person who chooses what is on the menu. While there is a great deal to look over, dry feline...
  5. Thread: Dog Food

    by tamoor_tt

    Dog Food

    What is your favorite dog food brand and Why?
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    My cute Jimmy


    My dog. He is 8 years old and he is still healthy. I love him so much.
  7. Is it safe to feed your dog high protein food?

    The nutrition needs vary from person to person in humans. Similarly, the nutrition needs vary from animal to animal. Proteins are very important for humans but in right amount. High protein is...
  8. How To Find The Most Healthy Dog Food Brand?

    Pet food industry is growing rapidly fast and there is a large number of pet foods available. Dog owners get mistook each time for the quantities of dog food brands available in the market. Also, the...
  9. Can healthy cat food contain preservatives?

    It is correct that healthy food is the one which is free of any preservatives and artificial flavors. Preservatives, artificial flavors and artificial colors are harmful, not only human health but...
  10. Introducing Your Dog to Grain Free Dog Food

    When you go to the nearby shop or pet store to get your dog a sack of dog food, do you know what's within it? Look at the ingredient list carefully, you will discover things like corn and gluten....
  11. Benefits of feeding your cat all natural cat food

    Cats are more than just pets for their owners, they are a part of their family. They are beloved and dearly adored in the homes because of their delicacy and beauty. They are loved like a family...
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    What type of dog food to give your dog?

    What kind of Pet Food to give your pet will be an assignment in itself. If you just got a puppy and you gave it some normal pet food, your puppy won't be happy with you. What's more, the same goes...
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    Re: look what i taught my Ava to do!

    Oh great. Tell me also how you teach him/her.
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    Re: winter cat tips

    Great tips. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Re: my kitten always bites my ears to wake me up

    Your cat shows affection to you. Your cat gets bore alone so he want you to wake up and give him company.
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    Re: Feed and watch your pet over the internet

    I agree with the LPC. Pets can't be left alone at home with only a food bowl. They will get bored. They need a company to enjoy.
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    Tips to find a healthy cat food

    You must read the label on the food for pets you are buying. According to the laws prescribed by AAFCO, every pet food must mention the ingredients along with the weight and amount on the packet....
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    3 Essential Nutrients in a Dog Food

    Protein: Protein is an extremely fundamental supplement for people as well as for dogs. Much the same as in people, proteins assume an imperative part with regards to dog’s physical development....
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    Re: Your favourite dog breed?

    I love the German Shepherd breed. These dogs are loving and loyal.
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    Re: All about dogs

    Link ain't working.
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    Re: Love Your Dog

    Great video. Thank you for sharing.
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    Tips & Treats of Diabetic Dog

    Diet Tips for a Diabetic Dog: Once a dog is diagnosed with diabetes they remain diabetic. There are feeding and dietary strategies which is essential for him and can help to keep their glucose...
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    Tips of Picky Eaters Dog

    If your dog is picky eater following are the tips to get picky eaters to clean their plates.
    1. Before bringing the dog to your home, come up with a feeding plan. Discuss the feeding plan with your...
  24. Thread: Dog Food

    by tamoor_tt

    Dog Food

    I have a question and I need your help.

    My dog is not eating food and he is becoming thin day by day. I have tried many foods and consult the vet also but no progress.

    Can you people suggest...
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    Re: Healthy Fish Oil for your Dogs

    Yeah, I agree. Fish oil is good for dogs.
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