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  1. Thread: Dog ID

    by meandray

    Re: Hi Pet Lovers (especially rescued pet lovers)!

    Hi David. Here (I live in S.Ontario), it is mandatory that dogs are micro-chipped, and are licensed... with the license tag attached to their collar. It is a very effective i/d. system because if the...
  2. Replies

    Re: Stupid advice from rescues

    Stupid advice from any organization (Your Family Doctor e.g.) is obviously regrettable however, I doubt if any circumstances are that black& white! Was the advice given really understood? Were the...
  3. Re: Newly adopted Chow Chow bites the finger of her owner

    Hi Andrea. While our circumstances were rather different to yours, there are many areas with common solutions. Our situation involved adopting 75lbs of German Shepherd/Rotti, who had no social...
  4. Re: Hi Pet Lovers (especially rescued pet lovers)!

    Thx FF - It's quite amazing how dogs will adjust given some guidance, TLC and lots of patience isn't it. Just getting myself organized and then I can participate here! :) I
  5. Re: Hi Pet Lovers (especially rescued pet lovers)!

    Thx LPC. Looking forward to interacting with others of similar interest! :) Colin.
  6. Hi Pet Lovers (especially rescued pet lovers)!

    My name is Colin, and just over 4 years ago now, I was adopted by Ray. I had been bitten by a German Shepherd when around 14 years old, and was now contemplating the possibility of adopting a dog....
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