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    Re: Are cats smarter than dogs?

    I think its up to us how we treat them and train them because i have 3 child 2 dogs 1 cat and all are caring and lovable. if i am depressed or sad or ill they will not leave me alone they will...
  2. Is Bravecto,Nexgard, Simparica and Credelio safe or Not?

    this four more popular products among dog owner but this are safe products? can people use this? or how much this products are safe this are some the major questions about this 4 products?
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    Re: What Does a Depressed Dog Do?

    I am totally agree with this, sometime pet do not show any sign of depression so we are not able to find any issues easily, we have to find out reason why they are depress and there are some products...
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    Re: What Does a Depressed Dog Do?


    I agree with you we need to keep our eyes on pet acts, because they many issues with their heath which we have understand and have provide proper supplements.
  5. Have you taught your dog these commands yet?

    when i was reading a blog i came across one of the good blog regarding pet training, dogs are indeed a best creature who are able to follow our instructions. this blog is showing that simple command...
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    How to Prevent Lungworms In Dogs?

    Remove any fecal matter of your dog left in the garden immediately.
    Keep the surroundings clean so the snails and slugs are not attracted to filth.
    Keep produced sealed in containers.
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