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New to the Forum!

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Hey everyone, my name is Caity, I'm soon to be turning 20 in February and here's some things about me;

I grew up in Toronto, Canada; very busy city but I love it. I have always been an animal lover, I would catch bugs/salamanders/frogs/toads/etc when I was little and put them into bug containers to look at and hold. I currently own (in this household):
- 5 Ball Pythons (3 male, 2 female)
- 1 Corn Snake (Female)
- 1 Leopard Gecko (Male)
- 2 Rose-Hair Tarantulas (2 Female, non-venomous)
- 1 Beta Fish (Male; AKA Japanese Fighting Fish)
- 2 cats (2 Female)
- 1 dog (Male)

I also go field herping every spring/summer, and any snakes I find that are injured, I take them in and help them recover before releasing them back into the area where I found them. This has been successful as I've helped rescue snakes who have been burned in local controlled forest burns (which supposedly encourages better plant growth, it's true in some plant's cases but animals pay the price for being near them at the wrong time). From burns, all the way to malnourished animals that needed help finding food, to snakes with tail injuries, and even problems shedding their skin.

Another thing about me you may find is I love to rant about stuff I love. So if you strike up a convo with me that I am passionate about, I will most likely talk about it a lot haha.

Aside from animals, I am a talented artist with a cartoon-style to my work. I mostly draw animals and/or animal-like creatures. Some of my best work is with colored pencils. I have a great talent/ability to blend them on paper and get an amazing effect.

Here's one of my best pieces of work using colored pencils -->

I do take art requests so if that strikes your interest feel free to PM me with what you'd like. :)

That's just about it for me ^^ if you'd like to chat more please send me a PM, I don't bite! ;)

Thanks for reading!

- Juju
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  1. EpochCatcher's Avatar
    Cool! I am also new to this site, and I am also a passionate reptile lover. I don't own any, but I often go out looking for them. Here's a video of me observing the defensive behavior of an eastern hognose snake:
  2. Inga86's Avatar
    I also love animals here is my company look
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