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Feline Spinal Injury

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Wilow is a 2 yr old female DLH. Very loved in this house!!
She was hit by a car and has some major injuries, I think for my own sanity, this will be my diary of her progress.....

October 20, 2012
Willow did not return home before I went to bed. Not uncommon by her, but when I wake up in morning she is usually right at the door.

Oct 21, 2012
I woke up, no Willow. Went to work....
I returned home at 4:30pm, walked to back yard and heard a cry, turned around and Willow barely able to walk, attempting to come to me. I picked her up, and put her on my bed. She looked very exhausted. No blood **phew**, then feeling her front, everything normal. Then I get to the back and can feel 2 lumps on her coccyx. I set up a playpen, blanket, small litter, food/water and place her in there. Willow will not eat or drink. No signs of really pain no moving around attempting to be comfortable, etc. But not eating or drinking.....
I found her left over bottle of Metacam. It was used in end of July post spay surgery. I give her a dose at is a NSAID and pain releiver....I am hoping this will at least make her comfortable.

Oct 22, 2012
I woke up at 7:30am.....omg thank God....she is alive. She looks more rested with eyes bright looking at me...bad smell from play pen.....she is leaking urine and diareah....she did not attemot to use litter.

I call my vet, leave a message, they won't be open until 9am.

9am----brought Willow to vet. Vet assuming it could be a pelvic fracture and we need to do xrays.
x-ray done..... :(. It seems that the car ran over her tail, due to the condition of her nails all bent and torn up, she was freaking out trying to run away and couldn't, in doing this, she pulled her spine apart by the coccyx. Lot's of swelling. Basically it affects the nerves for her to be able to urinate and have bowel movements. If the swelling goes down, the bone comes back together, and the nerves remake them selves. So in the mean time....every 4 hours I will have to squeeze her bladder to empty and she was given Lactulose asa laxitive that I am to give twice a day.

This can take a few weeks, few months, or many months.....

We have a new appointment next Monday to even see if there is any improvement. If there isn't...we will be putting her down.

I don't want to loose this wonderful girl that has filled my Duaghter and myself with here I am...attempting to give her a chance.

I have to attempt to empty her bowel by myself in 15 minutes.....I am scared.....I.....this is horrible.

It is 1:50pm and my Willow still has not eaten or consumed any water......I am going to be giving her pain meds soon and after it has a chance to start working I am going to start force feeding her fluids.

Is there anyone out there that has gone through this? I would love some tips and maybe even some good recovery news of other.

2pm---she ate :)
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Updated 11-10-2012 at 07:18 PM by MJRPN

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  1. MJRPN's Avatar
    Nov 05, 2012

    Willow remains incontinent. It's so fustrating. I try to google information on spinal injuries but really, there is not much info out there about signs of progress. Her tail is so disgusting. It is broken everywher and began to harden.

    My Mother sort of blasted me today about wanting to do the surgery on Wednesday....and she had real points that I should consider but I just feel that in time I will have my old Willow back..minus the tail.

    I don't feel right inside giving up on something that I care about becuase of money. Willow is my responsibility the day I took her into this home. It is my fault she was hit by the car by allowing her outside all the time.

    arg... this whole situation sucks.

    I am defently becoming drained...........
  2. MJRPN's Avatar
    Nov 07, 2012

    Surgery day --- tail amputation
  3. Toni's Avatar
    Do you have an update?

    How did the tail amputation go?
  4. MJRPN's Avatar
    Nov 10, 2012

    I haven't been posting lately because i been working long hours....but :)

    The first 2 days she slept a lot, i really thought she would be in much more pain then she is. I really can't tell if she is in pain or not. I think she is more comfortable now then she was with a hard multiple rotting sticking tail.

    She no longer has a hard tail pulling down at her spine which i beleive is one thing that has made her just that more comfortable. I am still giving her metacam in morning a gabpentin in evening.

    From reading on internet, ive read that a lot of cats will become depressed, almost missing their tail. I dont see any of that. I find her much more happier.

    The bill was half the price of the quote my vet gave me....they really are wonderful and cut a lot of charges off.

    Willow still has not had a bowel movement so i have started gibing lactulose twice a day. She remains incontinent. BUT she keeps going into litter, digging, squating, and then gets up and lies down on the mats and licks herswlf and she then pees. This is great news. She juat finiahed her antibiotic for her bladder infection yesterday and this morning has started a new one for blood infection/wound management. Since the brakes and cuts on her tail and horrible smell they are being coutious of blood infection.

    Her amputaion looks great, no swelling, no bleeding, nothing.... And to be honest....i think she looks so cute. I will post new pics tonight (im on my phone right now).

    I did research a medication that helps bring back continence for bladder and bowel. I have the prescription, but cant find a pharmacy that has it. So thw vet called a medication making company and it will be made and ready next week.

    So besides being incontinent and not having a bowel movement willlow is doing great :)
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