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I can't help asking...

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Could the tube feeding to supplement the nutrients needed for a 19 year old cat with kidney disease stage 3 and a tumor on his jar who stopped eating prolong his life? Although I asked to choose whatever possible to keep him live a little longer, our vet recommended to euthanizing him because he was already 19, not having a quality of life anymore and suffering. So we did. Still have a massive regret for not persuading the vet to tube feeding him before letting him go. Was this vet right? Not to accuse her for her advice since I'm sure she meant well. But I just feel so sad and miss him so much. Maybe seeking an assurance for the decision we made... :(
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  1. LPC's Avatar
    Judging by what you have written about the health condition of your cat, I personally think that your vet gave the right advice. Part of loving is not allowing your companion animal to suffer, with no prospects of recovery. Plus: 19 years is an incredible age for a cat! It is an indicator of all the love and attention you gave him over the years.

    However, I do understand - very deeply - how you feel about the passing of your beloved cat. If you feel in need of support, feel free to contact me via a personal message on this forum. Or you can click on my profile and find my website (which is devoted to the subject of the passing of companion animals), which offers support to grieving caretakers.

    Every best wish to you!
  2. WhiteAilly's Avatar
    Thank you very much for your comforting words.
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