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Pet Emergency-Preparedness

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Emergencies happen during earthquakes, natural calamities , fire and in circumstances that struck us or our household during unexpected times. As a pet owner and pet parent are you prepared? According to the there are procedures that we need to work on to be prepared. Petique Pets consider the need to be on the look out for possible emergencies to ensure the safety of our fur babies.

Here are some tips to keep the fur babies safe during emergencies and disasters as pets deserve to be protected like how we protect our family members:

1. Prepare emergency supplies for the fur baby. It nay include an emergency kit and food supplies, water container, medicines, clothing, treats in a compact bag;

2.Make a plan beforehand. This may have to be the places where you need to stay with your pet and family members. A hotel, an Inn or a nearby safer place to ensure safety;

3. Prepare a carrier or a backpacker and a nice leash so you can easily bring and transport your pet as emergencies causes anxiety to fur babies. This anxiety may cause your pet to behave differently;

4. Prepare your pet's medical records in a waterproof bag or envelope.A photo of your pet is also important in case there will be mistaken identities during confusing incidents in evacuation sites.

5. Bring a transportable pet stroller, pet bed or a one zip house. This will be necessary during emergencies so your pets will have their safe place.

6. You should know your way. Determine what are the hotels,motels, inns, hospitals and shops for your emergency plan. A good understanding of possible routes will give you an edge in knowing the safest places to go.

7. keep a record of contact numbers of friends, relatives, veterinarians , government rescue numbers and the like;

8. Be aware of possible changes in your pets' behavior.During and after an emergency pets will surely suffer from anxiety and they may become aggressive, disoriented or defensive. As a pet owners and pet parent we must ensure that they will not pose danger to other humans.

As pet owners we need to be prepared for emergencies. This will ensure as well that our fur babies are prepared. We need to make sure that our pets are ready in case of calamities ,disasters and sudden incidents that usually happens at the most unexpected times. This will surely mitigate the impact of emergencies on our beloved fur babies.
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