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Old Cat adjusting to new Puppy

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I have recently (in the last couple of weeks) lost my dog of 14 years. He had Cancer and it was kinder to let him go. (hardest thing i have ever done). Yesterday I got the opportunity to get a new puppy (8weeksold) so i took it and brought him home.
My cat who is 10 and i got him as a 4 week old stray abandoned by its mother at my workplace, who grew up with my old dog who was quite young although already mature, is totally freaked out. He wont stop hissing and growling at both the dog and me.
He has never been exactly a loving cat but he has always loved me (a one person cat) he used to come cuddle me when he wanted some attention.
I dont know what i should do. do i let them try to sort it out or do i keep them separate. I have been reading mixed answers and wanted some thoughts of other animal lovers.
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  1. 2chessies's Avatar
    It depends on the aggression level of your cat, if it's actually trying to hurt you or your puppy I'd keep them separate for a few weeks to a month & see if he warms up to the puppy a little bit before you do anything. Make sure the cat has an escape route & good places to climb & hide. Once you feel like he's starting to lighten up a I'd start making the two cross paths. The first few times the puppy gets close make sure your right there to pull him back if either animal is getting too aggressive. Let the cat set the boundary on how close he wants the puppy & you reinforce it, telling your dog no or easy & pulling him back. I feel it's best to introduce them when the cat is bigger & stronger, so it can carry on throughout their lives. My cat is a cranky rescue as well. I think she's around 18 now, I've brought 3 new puppies into her house, big dogs. She has always been in charge because I introduced the pups at young ages. They've all developed good relationships, but she can still let the dogs know if they're getting out of line. I think it's best if your cat is the dominant one from the get go. Then you don't have to worry about your dog hurting your cat once he gets bigger. I don't think keeping them separated is a smart idea unless your able to do it for the rest of their lives.
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