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The World Unknown

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"Mythological" creatures have always fascinated me, and discussion on them seems sadly wanting nowadays. I have never heard anyone talk about speculative anatomy (or at least seriously) about such beasts or their habits. Out of this, I feel, one could make "field profiles". It's something that I think people would find to be really, really interesting. Hopefully, one day, there even could be a museum made that would contain constructed skeletons of sphinxes, mermaids, etc. I must add a distinction, however, with what may be termed Entities. These are "things" that more comfortably fit in the category of the paranormal. A Black Dog is a good example. I also think, and this is personal opinion, that single creatures (such as the Chimera, Minotaur, etc.) are more subject to suspicion. I am really hoping something big will come out of this, so if there is any legendary animal I can talk about, please reply to this message. Hopefully, we can start out with a vertebrate reptile or mammal.
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