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Willow, my best friend, is fighting cancer.

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Willow is our 6 year old rescue dog. Got her when one year old. Cutest 35 pound companion. Loves people. She is Shetland Sheepdog/Australian Cattle Dog. She is current with her vet needs and is micro-chipped. It was the latest vet check when the small tumor was found on the inside of her right rear leg. Vet says it needs to be removed within 2 weeks to save her life. Her prognosis is excellent with the tumor removal. We are praying and know that miracles happen when one believes. My Faith carries me and has always served me well. I always pay it forward when possible because others sometimes need love from fellow caring humans. Now the need has come to my doorstep.....and now to the need for my Willow. As a 67 year old on Social Security, I am reaching out Click on or copy and paste the following link...................
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  1. LPC's Avatar
    I just checked out that page, and from there found you on Facebook (same photo and details). It shows that you are "Owner at Executive Errand Service". So please explain why, if you say that you are a 67 year old on Social Security and appealing for money, you are at the same time the owner of a company which is still functioning (at least, according to "Yellow Pages"). I also found this:
    Please also explain why the two estimates from a vet total about $1500, but you are appealing for $2000.

    I have left your blog post for now, but it will be deleted in a few days if satisfactory explanations are not received. Members in the meantime are advised to exercise caution before making any donation.
    Updated 01-07-2017 at 08:18 AM by LPC
  2. SteveBasoco's Avatar
    I started Executive Errand Service 16 years ago, long before the horrible recession hit us all. I just haven't yet updated my personal bio info yet, but that company no longer was deemed profitable, to say the least. The money it would take to keep ANY business going during "belly up" cash flow is certainly not an intelligent decision. Social security is indeed what I deeply depend on, but I respect your decision to delete my blog immediately if you feel I am running a scam. The money I seek above and beyond the amount of the vet bills is to help with post surgery needs that will be required during recovery. I am a deeply devout pet lover, but I respect your choice to decide if I am indeed a blatant scammer trying to take money from people with a lie. Somehow, my Willow WILL get her cancer surgery done to live a long healthy life. I harbor no ill will toward your concerns and cautions.
  3. LPC's Avatar
    That is a mature and understandable reply. Your blog post can stay and I wish you every success with your appeal. A scammer would not have replied, or would have become aggressive. You did neither of those things.

    My very best wishes to Willow. I hope that the operation goes well and please return here to let us all know how things went. Get well soon, Willow!
  4. LKR's Avatar
    I'm wondering, are you still on the gofundme page, I could not find you. I know how hard it is with high vet bills. I pray God will heal Willow.
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