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Things to know about your dog before training

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Everybody loves dogs and wants to have them in their family. But having a dog is a big responsibility and we needs to train them. From the first day we needs to start training your dog. Before starting to train your dog you needs to know him well. It includes your dog's needs, his behavior and even his mood. If you clearly know the world of your dog then you will be able to train him perfectly. Also knowing him will improves the bond between you and your dog. You needs to understand your dogs strength and weaknesses.

Although dogs are pet animal they descent from animals that lived as packs. There will be certain everyday natural instincts based o that social structure. So its better to learn about there inborn behavioral trends andwill help you in training. Dominance and Hierarchy

Things about animals living in packs is that they will always have a leader. Other members of the pack will respond well to their leader and follows them. This type of behavior traits are seen in dogs. Dogs responds well to leadership and if they could find a leader in you then they will try to be a leader. Problem with dogs trying to becoming an owner is that he will decides what to do. For them the leader will decides on the actions of the group like who will eat first, where to go, what to do and so on. So you must make sure you will be leader for him in the family and the dogwill surely follow you.

Always make sure your dog knows that you are his boss. You needs to establish your position and earn the respect of your dog if you wants to successful train them. Being a leader will help you to control the dog and thus you can instill a good behavior.


This behavior is normal in animals living in packs.They needs to establishtheir boundaries and needs to defend them. We can see this behavior deeply ingrained in the dog. Sometimes we can see the dog being snappy and nippy and the reason is due to this instinct. For them any person, animal, or child can be seen as a threat and you should always keep a watchful eye. Make sure dog wont attack anybody.

Food Protection:

Protecting their food is just a normal instinct seen in most animals. They will guard their food and if they feel any threat to their to it you can expect them to bark / bite. Always there must a trust between the owner and dog and you should food train your dog from very young age.

Running away:

You can see the dog taking flight and its because they are running away from danger.Dogs should know that he is safe in your home and you are there to protect him. Most of the animals will run away from danger and you should make sure that your dog feels safe in your home and should help him overcome his fears. If you can train your dog to be obedient then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.


Animals living in pack will always be social and that's why dogs are the most social animal you can see. They love company and in packs they will never be alone. In a way dogs never like to be alone. Make sure your dog is not left alone for long hours. The dogs will get bored, unhappy , depressed and they will start chewing things . Dogs will under go a depressing state know as Separation anxiety. To know more about separation anxiety in dog follow this link.


Like humans dogs too communicate and they uses different sounds. Whenever your dog barks its not because he is angry. He may be trying to communicate something to you. Beware, some dogs are incessant barkers and could become a nuisance. Always you teach him to stop the barking whenever you tells him to .


  1. Sharon Jones's Avatar
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