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Turmeric for horses everything you need to know

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The use of natural medicines for curing health problems is now replaced with the introduction of artificial medicines. Nowadays people rely mostly on artificially made medicines for the quick recovery and rapid relief. But this is not good because the sometimes power of natural medicines will be four times that of the man made medicines and also artificial ones can create side effects which we have to be mostly aware off. So we have to go more natural than man made ones and one of the best naturally available thing is turmeric. From our old age people consider turmeric as a holistic healing agent for a lot of health disorders seen in human beings as well as in animals.

From our ancient age turmeric is considered as a holistic healing agent for a lot of health disorders seen in human beings as well as in animals. In animals organic turmeric treatment has mostly experimented with horses with great success. Mainly turmeric used in horses can help us to treat disorders like arthritis, for healing wounds, detoxification, liver diseases,cancer treatments and lot more.

For the treatment of greasy heel the turmeric is regularly fed to horses as it has special healing properties to cure it.

Because of the detoxification property when fed to horse it will act as a detoxifier and clean the impurities and other toxins present in blood and helps in good health. it helps to reduce liver disorders. Blindness in the horse is mainly caused by uveitis and turmeric is an important medicine for avoiding it.

As said earlier sarcoids seen in horses especially as tumours in necks, heads etc is dangerous as sometimes it can grow and can cancers also, Turmeric is a good medicine for avoiding it. and Queensland itch can be also cured by feeding turmeric to horses.
Additional to all above Equine Melanomas which is disorder seen in old aged horses and Alzheimer's disease caused by plaque formation in nervous cells can also be cured by feeding your horse turmeric in its diet.
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Turmeric as a whole is an important medicine in case of horses mainly it helps to prevent some disorders which can't be avoided even after you give the artificial medicine which we mainly call it as holistic medicine. As it comes from nature other than overdosage, Side effects will be less and effectiveness will be higher. It is very cheap and sometimes the turmeric plant can grow in your house yard which makes it even good for you. Hope you got a brief idea about usage and benefits of turmeric.

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