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I am new to this & need people's help & advice

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Hello, I am a 23 year old student, I have a lab shepard mix named Ladybug, and two tabby cats one male Tigger & one female Naya. Last night Tigger started acting strange and was moving slowly then he started letting out this painful cries I got scared and made an emergency vet trip, they said they think it is a urine blockage and will run more tests, as of now he has a catheter hooked up too him and they are draining his bladder. They said he will need a surgery to prevent this from happening again, I made a go fund me since I only have $300.00 towards this, I was just wondering if maybe you guys can share this for me & maybe someone will see if that can help me, in any way at all. I am so worried I havent slept since I have taken him in. I also applied for a petcard but they told me I would need a cosigner, so that isnt an option anymore.
Thanks for taking your time to read my situation & I hope noone has to go through this, it is not fun.
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  1. LPC's Avatar
    Welcome to the forum. A blog is not the right way to draw the attention of members to an issue such as this. I suggest that you start a thread on the forum (introductions section, as you are a new member). Please include the name, address, website and email of the treating vet, so that anyone thinking of helping can verify the facts direct with the vet (and please also instruct your vet to reply to any queries).

    Once you have posted your thread on the forum, I will delete this blog. In the meantime, I will give any members or visitors reading this blog the standard caution: anyone thinking of contributing is strongly advised to check out all the details independently first, before donating.
  2. Wildlife Planet's Avatar
    First get a second opinion.

    Once you have a second opinion then you can decide but NEVER trust the first vet you see. While he may be 100% correct I have seen too many Vets immediately go to surgery when a change in diet may work. Just go for the 2nd opinion before the surgery.
    Updated 05-17-2015 at 09:28 AM by LPC
  3. Wildlife Planet's Avatar
    OK I have it up on my site... We get a few thousand people coming everyday so hopefully it will help

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