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WOW This Is Messed Up!

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County animal shelter dog found alive in a freezer after the investigation, Lauderdale, Tennessee continues.shelter, about 53 miles northeast of Memphis, where Ripley.A civilian was found alive and a kick up the dog left for dead.shelters have been shut down and the investigation is continuing.

The Sheriff's Department is investigating.she was too afraid to go to the camera and took a picture.Asher's dog, is a survivor.Just last week, was left for dead in a freezer Asher Lauderdale County Animal Shelter.Where it is stored in the freezer until they are destroyed, the animals euthanized.Asher found barely alive when he found it in the freezer looking for a woman than it was euthanized.women took shelter dog to a veterinarian for help.the video shows the dog's eyes were open. It is poorly understood, but it was a breath.

The next day, after a trip to the emergency vet and IV, the video shows that it is clearly better.Jimmy Patterson shelter animal advocate was shocked when I heard what happened and saw the video."It was heartbreaking. Just imagine what could have been an animal to pass. It's very disappointing. I've had people express emotions of anger, sadness," Patterson said.shelter is now closed, but you'll have to answer that, there are a lot of questions. Questions and know how to do it in the freezer?Local sources say the I-Team, veterinary lab results or no evidence of sedative drugs used to euthanize dogs had blood stream shows. It was left to die in it, and put it in the freezer offers live.

Sources officer stopped a shelter and an emergency meeting to try and get to the bottom of what will take place on Thursday.This is a very unfortunate situation, but the good news is that it is safe, it is alive and well, "Patterson said.The only animal control officer shooting dogs and arbitrary gas chamber has a history of problems with shelter dogs are putting the final event.


  1. Tobi's Avatar
    Oh this is just horrific and chilling! I am glad the authorities have been made aware of what went on in that so-called "Shelter". I hope charges are brought against the management there.
    Those poor dogs!
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