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ALASS [Animal Love And Support Society]

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I am the owner of an organisation called ALASS.
We are all about helping,saving and rescuing animals.
We do things from Fund raising-Patrolling the neighbourhood.
We have no meeting but events for you to get stuck in.
We are looking for people to join our organisation, if you are interested contact us at us.
We dont have a website yet but we are working on one.
If you have any questions feel free to comment them below.
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  1. ALASS's Avatar
    This shows how much people love animals. (im being sarcastic)
  2. LPC's Avatar
    Sorry, I don't understand your comment. You are being sarcastic about whom, about what? A blog is just that - a blog. Perhaps you should use the forum for a thread if you need new members? In that case, I suggest that you state what area of what country you operate in. Unfortunately, your profile doesn't state where you are located.

    In any event, best wishes to you in your work to help animals!
  3. ALASS's Avatar
    Im from England.
    Also i tried 2 post it on forums but it never posted, I will try again though :D
  4. Inga86's Avatar
    I also love animals here is my company look
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