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Chinese Fur Farms

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Vulnerable, helpless, and suffering.

These words describe the millions of individual animals who are trapped on Chinese fur farms, where each year more than 2 million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs are tormented and killed for their fur.

Most of these animals are dragged from their cramped, filthy cages to a block of wood, where their feet and tails are mercilessly chopped off. They are then hung upside down, and their skin is ripped from their bodies. And the fur industry in the rest of the world isn't any better.

There is no compassion here. There is only a desire for profit at the expense of these animals.

It must stop.

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  1. freespirit's Avatar
    I am new on the forum and I am so pleased to see PETA news included. Myself and my husband have donated to them for several years and I try and view all the video clips sent as it needs to be seen. The cruelty of the transportation is horrendous and words cannot express the sickness I physically feel when you witness the human senseless cruelty to these gentle animals... we recently read about a group of women in Germany who travel with the transportation and will sit with any injured and distressed animal until slaughter, just to give a tiny amount of comfort in their last moments. My attention a few years ago was drawn by an article in an IFAW magazine re the skinning alive you mention, this was in the Phillipines where the dog meat trade is rife, although now illegal it still goes on. I believe the meat is more tender when skinned alive. I would certainly volunteer to show a human being what it was like by using them as an example!
  2. Inga86's Avatar
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