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  • Herding breeds: Border Collie

    One of the earliest tales of this breed is from 943 A.D. when Hywel Dda tells of a black sheepdog taking the sheep out to the field in the morning and returning with them in the evening.
    The name "Border" Collie originally comes from the sheepdog's home in the border countries of Scotland and England. The original Border Collies were rough on the livestock and difficult to control. The breed needed tempering, and it received it in the form of a cross when Adam Tefler set about to calm the breed. This breeding was perfected in his dog named Hemp in 1894.
    After World War I, the term "Border Collie" was used to describe the working Collies, thus distinguishing the show Collies from working Collies. Today, as then, they are known for their ability to work sheep in hilly terrain and for their intense concentration on their flock.

    General description
    Height: 18-22 inches
    Weight: 38-52 pounds
    Color: The Border Collie appears in many colors, with various combinations of patterns and markings --solid color, bi-color, tri-color, merle and sable, the sole exception being all white. The most common color is black with or without the traditional white blaze, collar, stockings and tail tip, with or without tan points.

    Grooming requirements
    General care and grooming requires regular brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. You will need to brush them weekly at the least. The tools you will require are a slicker brush or a coat rake depending upon the thickness, and a metal comb. If your Border Collie has a thick coat, you may prefer the coat rake to the slicker brush as it will get down to the skin better with the thick coats. Problem areas for matting in this breed are the bib and neck, hind quarters, and behind the ears.

    Health considerations
    This breed is prone to hip dysplasia, eye problems, epilepsy, and rarely Ceroid Lipofuscinosis.
    Breed characteristics and personality
    The Border Collie is highly trainable, excelling at obedience and agility work. He is an intensive worker while herding, is eager to learn and to please, and thrives on human companionship. He is generally not recommended for children as he may snap and bite if teased and may try to herd them. He is active, alert, affectionate, and intelligent. He also requires lots of exercise and a fenced yard as he wants to herd everything and everybody. He will instinctively chase cars, bikes, and joggers if allowed to run loose. He has a stubborn mind-set, may become fixed on a certain game or toy; will not come on command. The best owner for this breed is a firm, patient leader who has time to work and train the dog.

    Few would disagree that the Border Collie is the finest shepherding dog, a marvelous competition dog. They also excel in Flyball, Agility, and Obedience competitions
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