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  • Herding breeds: Belgian Malinois

    When the first breed survey was held in 1891 in Belgium, it was found that the Malinois was uniform in type across the region. The towns of Oosterhout in Holland and Malines showed a large population of the short-coated variety. It is from the town of Malines that the Malinois received its name.
    General description
    Height: 22-26 inches
    Weight: 55-80 pounds

    Color: The basic coloring is a rich fawn to mahogany, with black tips on the hairs giving an overlay appearance. The mask and ears are black. The underparts of the body, tail and breeches are lighter fawn.

    Grooming requirements:
    The Malinois should have weekly brushing, regular bathing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. Due to their short coat, they only require a curry brush for this grooming.

    Health considerations:
    The Malinois is prone to hip dysplasia and hyperthyroidism.

    Breed characteristics and personality:
    The Malinois is a large, muscular, athletic dog. He is naturally protective of his owner's person and property. The best owner for this breed is one who is an active, firm, patient leader with time to train, exercise, and socialize.
    This breed is extremely sensitive and high-strung. They must be socialized on a regular basis as young puppies, especially with strangers approaching and physically touching the dog. They are touch sensitive and must be handled and learn to accept it. They are susceptible to separation anxiety syndrome. Make sure as young puppies they learn to accept isolation. A house with a fenced-in yard is required. This is a high-energy dog with a high prey drive and will chase pets, bikers, joggers, cars, etc.

    In the late 1800s, a breed club was formed and exhibitions were held to showcase the dogs talents. These included feats from circus-type tricks to scaling walls. In 1903, the Malinois were used in police work and military service, where they showed great aptitude, adaptability, and loyalty to their master.
    Today, the Belgian Malinois continues to grow in popularity for a number of dog events. Some of these include Obedience, Flyball, Tracking, Agility, and Conformation.

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