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  1. The World Unknown

    "Mythological" creatures have always fascinated me, and discussion on them seems sadly wanting nowadays. I have never heard anyone talk about speculative anatomy (or at least seriously) about such beasts or their habits. Out of this, I feel, one could make "field profiles". It's something that I think people would find to be really, really interesting. Hopefully, one day, there even could be a museum made that would contain constructed skeletons of sphinxes, mermaids, etc. I ...
  2. My baby girl was beaten to death. Could you please help me by signing my petition?

    Hi guys,

    I have only just found this website, it's awesome!! This is my first post, so I hope this kind of thing is allowed.

    Basically, my dog, Kelly, was beaten to death in April of this year by my long-term partner (now very ex). What was already a pretty horrific situation was made worse by the failure of the Police and the NZ Court system to acknowledge the seriousness of the matter. The person responsible for this was offered diversion - this means he would receive ...
  3. Willow, my best friend, is fighting cancer.

    Willow is our 6 year old rescue dog. Got her when one year old. Cutest 35 pound companion. Loves people. She is Shetland Sheepdog/Australian Cattle Dog. She is current with her vet needs and is micro-chipped. It was the latest vet check when the small tumor was found on the inside of her right rear leg. Vet says it needs to be removed within 2 weeks to save her life. Her prognosis is excellent with the tumor removal. We are praying and know that miracles happen when one believes. My Faith carries ...
  4. cuttest pekingese puppy i ever seen

  5. Using Reiki to Help Dogs Heal


    I am now a level 2 reiki practitioner and with my focus being on helping animals, I have just written a post on my blog about how reiki can help dogs overcome many things. I have worked with many dogs already and each time the reiki seems to amaze me in different ways. It helps on so many levels, encompassing mental, emotional and physical.

    During my reiki journey I have found sometimes animals can be healed with a single session, others may take ...
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