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  1. LPC's Avatar
    to the forum, Joseph! Bienvenue sur le forum!

    I wish you good luck with your appeal via Twitter. However, it is not a good idea to leave your email visible publicly. This will expose you to spam bots which regularly trawl the net for email addresses. Please edit your blog entry and replace your email address with the words, "You can send me a private message via this forum".

    Unfortunately the forum software will not allow me to edit your blog. I can only delete it - and I don't want to do that. If you find that you cannot edit your original blog entry, then please write a new one with the email omitted and I will delete the original for you.
    Updated 02-08-2018 at 06:31 AM by LPC
  2. LPC's Avatar
    to the forum! You have created a blog, but in general if you seek the advice and companionship of other members it would be better to start a thread on the forum. That is more likely to attract their attention.

    I suggest that you go to the dog section of the forum - perhaps dog chat or dog behaviour - and start a thread there. To save time, you could copy the text you have written here and paste it into your thread.

    Border collies are very energetic and intelligent dogs. They need good training and lots of exercise. The fact that your Poppy is still young makes those issues even more important.

    Probably taking her to work with you might help her to socialise with other dogs (has she been neutered, by the way?). Are there exercise facilities at the place where you work?

    There are other issues - the fencing, etc. I will reply in more detail when you have started a new thread in the dog section of the forum.

    Also, please also start a new thread in the introductions section and tell members all about yourself and Poppy.
  3. 2chessies's Avatar
    It depends on the aggression level of your cat, if it's actually trying to hurt you or your puppy I'd keep them separate for a few weeks to a month & see if he warms up to the puppy a little bit before you do anything. Make sure the cat has an escape route & good places to climb & hide. Once you feel like he's starting to lighten up a I'd start making the two cross paths. The first few times the puppy gets close make sure your right there to pull him back if either animal is getting too aggressive. Let the cat set the boundary on how close he wants the puppy & you reinforce it, telling your dog no or easy & pulling him back. I feel it's best to introduce them when the cat is bigger & stronger, so it can carry on throughout their lives. My cat is a cranky rescue as well. I think she's around 18 now, I've brought 3 new puppies into her house, big dogs. She has always been in charge because I introduced the pups at young ages. They've all developed good relationships, but she can still let the dogs know if they're getting out of line. I think it's best if your cat is the dominant one from the get go. Then you don't have to worry about your dog hurting your cat once he gets bigger. I don't think keeping them separated is a smart idea unless your able to do it for the rest of their lives.
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